Table Top RPG miniatures - Recomendations needed!
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Thread: Table Top RPG miniatures - Recomendations needed!

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    Exclamation Table Top RPG miniatures - Recomendations needed!

    after reading a lot of threads here at CMoN i have noticed this community is very helpful when it comes to advice, and that is what brings me here today.

    after a few years (not yet.. a decade) of being away from hobby gaming of any kind i am looking to get back into Dungeons and Dragons. a long time ago i sold off all my old PC and NPC minis and need to replace them. what i am looking for are recommendations for the listed monsters to be purchased in large quantities of maybe 5 to 30 with several poses, Plastic resin or WMetal but all or most unpainted please! ( i am not above converting static models for action poses )

    my gaming budget is roughly 1800 USD and i require -

    <>30 skeletons ( archers, warriors with pole-arms axes and swords, plated warriors and cloth casters )
    <>30 zombies ( weaponless and rotting.. seeking brains! )
    <>10 death knights ( great swords and longsword/shield combos)
    <>30 goblins ( feral, very feral.. i saw the Pathfinder goblins and they are at the top of the list! )
    <>10 Worgs
    <>30 Orcs
    <>20 Ogres
    <>10 Trolls
    <>40 Kobolds
    <>30 Lizard-folk ( some archers , no swords or bladed weapons, only leather / cloth armors and natural weapons and shields ) P.S the GW lizard army thingies looks like crap-o-lah >< something more from the monster manual prefered!
    <>20 Werewolves ( no clothes and torn clothes)
    <>10 wraiths / shades ( grim reaper kindsa look to them)
    <>10 spiders / giant spiders
    <>5 Wolves
    <>5 bears
    <>5 great cats (lions tigers and panthers)
    <>5 Cave fishers
    <>10 Illithids ( all casters no weapons)
    <> 10 naked/half naked male and female slaves
    <>LOTS of elves ( sharing similar designer or sculptor in various poses - to be used as Drow, all manner of armor and weapons)
    <> FTLoveOfGod a few decently accurate Dragon-born!! (Male Great sword/warrior in leather, Female staff/mage, Rogue, archer, and Female Great sword/Warrior in Scale armor!)

    any assistance or advice you fine people can offer is appreciated! i prefer LEGAL sources please.

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    I HIGHLY recommend checking out Reaper's figure finder

    It is a cool webapp on their site. They also have a HUGE catalogue of RPG minis that won't leave you wanting. They are based in the US and the prices are good!
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    Another vote for reaper - they have a really varied selection that is easy to search and of high quality.

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    Reaper! Even for the low price of their minis and the free shipping...

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    I'll chime in for Reaper miniatures definitely the best been using them for years you want it they got it and mighty fine sculpts on the whole plus about half the price of GW. Good customer service as well not a single downside. Hers an example of a lovely red dragon I got off them a couple of years ago
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