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    Painted in just over an hour today. Dulcote still hasn't dried it would seem!

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    Love the tweed! :-)
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    Pip pip!

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    I like the earthy colors. Could use more highlights/shadows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post

    Painted in just over an hour today. Dulcote still hasn't dried it would seem!
    Damn, caught out and about again!
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    I was going to mention an uncanny likeness, but thought better of it!

    Sweet little mini!

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    Don't be silly - no glasses! You can see I rushed him, the lines are wobbly and the only thing I highlighted was the skin. AM happy with the shading tbh but the highlighting needs to be attempted!! Pure laziness on my part.. the checks need to be tidied up but I can't be arsed

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    nice esp for just over a hours work i to like the tweed

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