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    can some one make me Legion for the game Dark age? iv sent an email. i've done everything but have gotten no responses back.

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    I want to start repping dark age but I can't till I become legion. Their forums say to do it on this forum.

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    Who did you send an Email to?

    I'm not following this at all.

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    Maybe they got confused by the language barrier?

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    @Dayminkaynin - Re-read the instructions on the Dark Age forum post - it tells you how to do this on points 4 & 5. Posting on here isn't what it tells you to do.


    My Google-fu is good - don't ya just love rainy Friday afternoons at work when you need five minutes to recharge your brain

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    I don't know what he's talking about.

    But I wanna be "Legion" too.....hey why the hell not.........in fact screw Legion......I'm gonna be "Diety"

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    I did all that. I'm waiting on them to accept me. It's funny how steps 1-3 don't matter. I was expecting to get an email back from step 1 and then go to step 2 etc... If its anything like the DarkAge forum it will take a week and a Facebook wall post to be excepted.

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    Oh, I see.

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    Approvals usually take about once business day, you should be all set!
    I like it firm and fruity!

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