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Thread: Looking for Rob Cardiss aka demonherald

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    Default Looking for Rob Cardiss aka demonherald

    Hello everyone,

    This will be a strange post but I'm runnig out of options. I'm looking for Robert L Cardiss (demonherald on CMON) and trying to get in touch with him. For the moment let's just say that HE has unfinish buisness with me. I've tried every emails I had and nothing

    Please help me. The unfinish buisness has been going on for over 52 MONTHS!!!!!!

    Thanks everybody,


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    I've not seen him for ages. He used to be on the Wyrd site alot as well.

    52 months? Wouldn't that be well over 4 years?

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    and there's not much I can exept swear and curse!!!

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    He was up to a little while ago an active member on http://platoonbritannica.com

    Try him there if you cant get him someone will be able to giver him a shout.

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    Trying it also at the same time. M.Bay(Vincenti) gave me the idea. Thanks a lot

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    I'll send him an email

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    Thanks Freakinacage. Really appreciate it. If by any chance you have his phone number... send it on my PM.

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    Nope, not since my last phone died. That said, I prolly wouldn't pm it to a random anyway, no offence

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    None taken

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    I will let Rob know your looking for him. He has no internet at present hence his not replying. His wife is currently giving birth (as we speak) so it may not be an immediate response. Ill phone him and let him knowmate, can you pm me your name or will he know you from 'moose'?

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    Moose, if you had news from him, can you tell me? I'm waiting for a paintjob on miniature i've already paid with my pvc bases...
    on feb 2010 he told me he will have sent in a week.... after months the same, again again... now it's from may he don't reply at all his email addresses...
    i know other collectors that want to talk with him... :-(
    If you've news, just let me know, he has a precious emperor of mankind of mine, for which i've paid so many times ago (before i become father, now my child have 3 years ago). :-(

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    To Darklord: I think he knows who I am( Mark from Canada) and by the looks of it I'm not the only one in this situation

    To TyronMagda; For the moment nothing. I'm waiting for messages from people that knows him.

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    Hello Mark... have you had news? Now i'm going to enter in the third year he promised me to send the painted mini in a week :-(

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