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    Default Movie Quotes

    got bored and thought this one up.
    what is your favorite movie quote? Any movie from any genre.

    How about

    \"What is good Conan, what is good in life?\"
    \"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.\"

    or how about,

    \"man goes into the cage. Cage goes into the water. Sharks in the water. our shark. . .\"

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    Default Talk? No Mr Bond, I expect you to die...


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    Default Ted Neugent called - he wants his shirt back

    :bouncy: :D lol

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    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition...

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    Default Technically...

    Originally posted by Sjakkie

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition...
    I don\'t think that is a movie..but WTF it\'s a cracking quote...

    \"No! Wait...amongst our cracking quotes...\":bouncy:

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    \"What\'s this?\"
    >\"It\'s a blue light\"
    \"What does it do?\"
    >\"It turns blue.\"

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    \"Was it over when the germans bombed Pearl Harbor!!!???!!!\"

    \"The Germans?\"

    \"Quiet! He\'s on a roll.\"

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    These aren\'t necessarily favorites, but they seem to come up almost everytime we game ...

    \"Do we have anything resembling a plan?\"
    \"Ride \'til we find them, kill them all!\"


    \"Get her? That was your plan? Get her?\"

    You might rightly presume that our party drinks a little too much sometimes and forgets to do much planning ;)


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    \"Where is the horse and the rider, where is the horn that was blowing, they have faded like rain on the mountain, like wind in the meadow, the days have gone down in the west, over the hills, into shadow\"

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    Evil spelled backward is \"live,\" and we all want to live, don\'t we?

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    Originally posted by tooshy
    Ted Neugent called - he wants his shirt back
    Nice ... although I prefer a line just a little bit after that ...

    \"We need to get Rusty a girl ...\"
    \"Uh, there\'s a women\'s prison just up the road.\"


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    \"Is that Gasoline I smell?\"

    or form a different movie:

    \"You forgot one very important thing mate...Im Captain Jack Sparrow!\"

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    Hands down one my favorite scenes of any movie...come to think of it I dont own this movie yet... off to ebay...:D

    Black Knight: Oh, had enough eh?
    King Arthur: Look, you stupid bastard. You\'ve got no arms left.
    Black Knight: Yes I have.
    King Arthur: Look.
    Black Knight: Just a flesh wound.

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    Default Said by John Wayne, with a heavy drawl....

    \"He truly was the son of God...\"

    You have to see and hear it to appreciate it:bouncy:

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    \"An archery contest?..?...?................\"


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    Two very useful quotes, both from Struther Martin, but from two different movies:

    \"What we have here, is a failure to communicate.\"


    \"Morons!! I\'ve got MORONS on my team!\"

    Of course to be done properly, the first one should actually be:
    what we have heeyaaaah isa fail-eyourrrrr to ca-meyoon-eee-cate.

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    well, this is a fun thread ... so, i\'ll add another that i use as many times as i can while gaming (my party members are quite sad if i don\'t use a certain number of bill murray lines every session).

    \"Where do these stairs go?\"
    \"They go up!!\"


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    Being the token Deadite I am.. had to say it before an \"EvilAsh\" beat me to it.

    \"Good, Bad, I\'m the guy with the gun.\"

    \"this is my BOOMSTICK\"

    \"Come get some\"


    \"Gimme some sugar baby\"


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    Default The good the bad and the ugly

    \"God\'s not on our side because he hates idiots also\"

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    From spaceballs.

    \"I\'m surrounded by assholes\"

    \"Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz\"

    \"I see your schwartz is as big as mine\"

    - forgive if I butcher these next few.. they\'re a little long.... -

    \"I\'m your father\'s uncles\' nephew\'s cousin\'s roommate.
    What does that make me?
    Absolutely nothing.\"

    Ferris Bueller.

    \"I heard that you were feeling ill, headache, fever and a chill. I came to help restore your pluck, because I\'m the nurse who likes to ----. \"

    We all know:
    \"Bueller. Bueller.\"

    but I like the followup:
    \"Um he\'s sick, my best friend\'s, girlfriend heard from this guy, who knows this kid who saw Ferris pass out at 31 flavors last night. I guess it\'s pretty serious.\"

    Good Morning Vietnam.

    \"Uh, sir, if the VP is such a VIP, shouldn\'t we keep the PC on the QT, because if it leaks to the VC he could end up MIA and we\'d all be put on KP.\"


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