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    Hi can anyone help me here? Got an iPad off the missus great stuff but as ever there is pay back basically been thrown off the computer. So been trying to upload my photos to CMON using the iPad were my photos are stored. However the upload file tab is greyed out on My Pictures. So in brief is there any way of uploading them from the iPad? Would be very grateful if any one could offer a solution.

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    " Every website is different, some you can upload from an iPad some you can't. You havent given any information as to which site you want to upload to so its pretty hard to help you.

    I use a browser on my iPad called iCabMobile. It uploads and downloads files and pictures much better then Safari. Have a look at it. " - Unknown on the internet somewhere.

    In essence, depending on where you want to upload to there will be ways to upload. IE if you want to upload to say photobucket.com or imageshack.com etc I'm pretty sure they have an app for their photo site that would allow you to upload and download photos to your account.

    You can also upload your photos to icloud. http://www.apple.com/uk/icloud/

    Hope that helps.
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    Cheers for the info skraaal what I was trying to do was post photos on to my gallery here on CMON direct from my iPad. However as I remember the joys of the original ZX Spectrum and the commodore 64 this makes me virtually Neolithic as far as IT is concerned lol! So really I'm that ignorant I don't know enough to know what I don't know , if that makes sense? Any way I'll try out what you said as I've got iOS 5 and an iCloud acc. If it don't work I'll get my 3 year old daughter to try she's better than me on the damn thing!!

    P.S. thanks for the feed back on the NMM wight lord photo it has encouraged me to try harder on my blending will post my new figure when finished.

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    As an ipad user, I understand your pain. Unfortunately, website programming is archaic ofttimes. Scripts and widgets are created and released as production - though they only work in 1 browser. Add to that browser programming isn't equal. I Work for a company, for example, who's website only works properly in IE. Why? It's short sighted and retarded, but I digress.

    Try different browsers. Opera is another option I use when I run into this.
    I don't know if you can share out of the iCloud to other sites.

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    Cheers Icantpaint I'll have a go at this too. I know what you mean about archaic sysyems, worked in astronomy research and had to program in fortran! That's until a Russian group finally brought us an emulator so we could use windows bless them for bringing cutting edge British research into the modern era not the stone age!

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    I'm an old COBOL programmer myself so I do understand that !

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    If a site doesn't support uploading from iPad but does allow links, you can upload to ImageShack.us using their free iPad app:


    It's fairly basic, but works and you can use images from the library or take new ones from the camera and you can copy the image URLs to the clipboard.
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    Just got upgraded from a first gen iPad to an iPad Air...so I have a camera on it! Would love to use it for wip photos as it has to be quicker than my normal method. Any suggestions on apps to use for resizing and cropping on the iPad? With my tower I typically upload directly to c'mon. Would that be the best way to go now, since IT has changed a lot since this thread was started?

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    I use Chrome for iPad, and I can upload. Cluncky, but it works.

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    AndyG, you trying to upload to the gallery or the forums?
    I can slap a pick up from this iPad to the forums no problem.
    So are you using Safari or have you downloaded a browser App?
    I'll have to test the gallery, see if there's any differences.

    EDIT: OK just uploaded a test crap piccie to my gallery without any problems.
    So time to check the settings on this and see if there's something special about the photos.
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    fortran and cobol.... they may be ancient, but a good source of income as less and less people know them.

    as for pic-upload: I'd also suggest to look around browsers (I dare not suggest something else as an iProduct ).
    The "browse" 'button' in the image upload is a html element since 1990 or so. It was in at least the html2 specification, and probably in the 1 too. If Safari doesn't support it, then it's not really cmon's fault independent how old the site's code is (and I've looked at it a few weeks ago, it's really *old*).

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    As a side issue how can you upload images via Apple devices here? I have used the old school method via a html [IMG] link from photobucket which automatically compresses it down. However I have no idea how to control the sizing or pixels like on a desktop pc

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuartH View Post
    As a side issue how can you upload images via Apple devices here? I have used the old school method via a html [IMG] link from photobucket which automatically compresses it down. However I have no idea how to control the sizing or pixels like on a desktop pc
    i tried some free apps, but ended up downloading Photogene on my iPad and it was simple to resize with it. When you "go advanced" and use the picture manager function when adding posts it allows you to load from the iPads files.

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    For doing any kind of photo editing on your iPad, you want Snapseed. Hands down the most effective post-photo tool in the Apple App store...

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