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    Default Moe's Random and Chaotic Wonderland.

    ok. New house and stuff, got room to break out my stuff and start working things GW and other and eventually build a few gameing tables in the basement. bare with me as most the forthwith pics will be done on my handy dandy phone cam, until i dig out my cameras. IMHO the pics arent too shabby for a phone. I'm also doing this on heresyonline cause they deal with a lot of the gaming aspect of the miniatures i paint.

    So, for me, this is sort of a new beginning as I never really had alot of time to paint and i'm hoping for that, and i'm hoping to be able to eventually have friends over to play at my place. The well known "poker night", cept 40k.

    So, without further pandering here we go!

    This first part isn't painting per say but its how i got started back into it. I was finishing my paint room, and setting up my paints, putting all my GW pots into the lazy suzan type paint rack that i got years and years ago. when i got into my vallejo and reaper triads, I realized that i didn't have anywhere to put my reaper paints.

    Now, i can't speak for everyone, but when i'm painting and an idea comes to me i want to look at all the paints i got, and i didn't really want another lazy susan. i cant see all the paints without stopping and turning it. I want to see all the colors together so they can mix in my eyes and my mind and then onto whatever i'm painting.

    So right off i'm thinking "what to do without spending a lot of money?". so naturally i hopped online to see what i could find. To my dismay what i found on ebay at that time was not very good and was Horribly overpriced and/or not functional. I then remembered seeing threads on coolmini a while back and some threads here on heresy so i started searching and reading what i could find.

    I found some things that were nice but seriously expensive. And the only one i could find that would let me see my paints, didn't hold very much. My lovely lady, she gave me the idea to make something, and this is how i made my own paint rack for any type of paint pot you could want. AND not take up too much space. AND hold a lot of paint. AND best of all i did it for around $20.

    I am somewhat of a packrat, i freely admit it. I'm not that bad however unless it comes to the hobby. In that I've saved a lot of stuff over the years, much to the dismay of ex-wife #1 and ex-wife#2.

    I bought a hot glue mini-gun during #1 and used it once, then it was put up till now to make this paint stand. Take THAT #1! And i had an old shelf from an entertainment center that i got rid of during #2,she thought i was silly for keeping it. Take THAT #2!

    I can honestly say that i made this without hardly measureing anything and it came out very usable and very functional...but not pretty. So if i can do it so can anyone else out there.

    This is the shelf i saved. this will form the base of the paint stand and what you will be glueing everything to.

    the ruler, you see, was used to measure everything, but not by the inches or the mm markings but by the ruler itself. I noticed that the reaper bottles would fit just nicely on a strip the same size and shape, and it was also almost long enough to go from one end of the shelf to the other.

    Originally i was going to use cardboard from the messed up moving boxes, but i was afraid of the cardboard warping. Then i realized i had a some foamboard i had laying around for a while and it worked much much nicer.

    i flipped the piece of shelf over to the particle board side and marked the size of the ruler from one side to the other:

    then i put the foamboard pieces that just happen to be almost the same width of the shelf on the floor and put the shelf on top of it and used the shelf itself as a cutting guild for a nice cut section at a time:

    i wanted a the paints to stagger from side to side and up and down like a set of stairs. i also wanted to make sure that every next row was high enough to actually read the label and see what color it was. This ment i needed each stair section to be two foamboard sections thick to be the right height. Just worked out that way. It will look something like this when they are all cut:

    I used 7 sections of Elmers foamboard that i got at walmart for 1.67 each. Ignore the brand in the pic, it was the crazy expensive stuff from hobby lobby. I even had some leftovers for maybe a building ruin later:

    Next i found a nice flat surface that would be easy to clean the glue up so my lovely lady would stay that way:

    Next i wanted to make sure that as i glued the layers down with PVA glue that the foamboard wouldnt warp. (for future refrence, PVA glue dries really fast on some foamboards and warping isn't too much of a problem). So i grabbed some heavy books and started setting the layers down:

    I did that for almost every layer. At first when i was doing this i was waiting a few hours between each section so the glue could set, but i found out that if the glue is really thinned out, the layers set really quickly. But, just to be sure no warpage was going to happen i used the "BOX!" on the first 4 base layers:

    As i set each layer i broke out the green ruler and set it more or less in the middle at the base of each layer, drew a line and set the next layer. Rinse and reapeat:

    Next i wanted to make sure that my lazy measuring job wasn't to bad off, so i set the bottles to see how they looked and BANG!

    At this point you will need to ask yourself how you want to do this next part. I didn't care about looks, only fast and function. But, if you wanted looks also, you can drill holes the size of the pot two foamboard pieces thick. I wanted to start working on my stuff right away and have all my paints put up so this is what i did. Broke out the ole mini hot glue gun i got forever ago and grabbed a paint bottle that i didn't care about messing up the bottom of the label and started gluing around the base of the bottle:

    You'll notice that i had three bottles going. I found that by the time the third one is down the first one has gotten hard enough to pry up and not mess up the board. i also learned that if i stuck my fingernail between the bottle and where the glue met and press firmly the bottles would pop right up and i had a good paint holder.

    Here it is all finished:

    The back layer i left empty cause i can either add more pains or, since its made of foam and fairly solid from the shelf base i could also use it to stick my paint brushes in. If you poke your brush in to far just fill the hole with pva glue to the desired length and let it dry (may take a day or two).

    Pics with paints:

    close up of my view from my work area:

    top view:

    If you give the bottles a small twist when you set them in, the rubbery like nature of the cold glue lets them grab the bottom of the bottles fairly easy. This can also be used on vallejo and GW pots also. its cheap, easy, looks good even for not measuring anything to an exactness. I could try out my new airbrushes and see how that goes on it, if i ever wanted to try and make it pretty. but for now i hear the call of nurgle....and the muffled cry of thousands of other unpainted mini's.

    Hope this helps people in the impossible quest to keep your paint areas working.

    Painting and Conversion WIPs are in the works, and some finished stuff.

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    Its actually a good idea. If i actually had an area to paint and didnt have to put it in the car all the time then i'd of already done something similar.

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    Cool! Great job with the paint stand. I just threw my paints on a lazy susan. One of these days I'll get some organization. Yeah, I keep telling myself that.

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    Ha ha, wow, that is awesome.
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    If I had a Susan like that, I'd throw some paint on her as well..
    Name:  Lazy-Susan-3.jpg
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    Ah, seeing stuff like this seriously makes me miss having a dedicated paint desk. I hate the setup & cleanup of the little coffee table in the living room...
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    O.k. not everything i do is games-workshop, but i do have a lot invested in them (not like that's a hard thing to do atm). So while i'm still setting up my own workshop here is a few picks of stuff i've done in the past. Thanks for the comments. Enjoy!

    Sophie from reaper:

    My version of the forge world iron warriors dread:

    Vote for Pedro!

    Abbadon i painted for a friend who never came and got it:

    cant post much during the week due to the "work sucks" special rule but i got a lot of stuff in the fire.


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    Been a bit, but that's not to say i haven't been busy. In fact i'd say i made a lot of progress, over the last couple weeks. Onward we go!
    So, now i got a spot for most of my paints, i decided to start unpacking some more stuff. First off the age old, but reliable computer desk.

    Amazing it all worked right off!

    More mini's then ill probably get painted in my entire lifetime already..

    Work area set up.

    Personal color scheme log book
    check! For those of you guys who don't keep a record of the colors you use i HIGHLY recommend spending 4 bucks at the art store and grab one of these.

    You can use it anyway you want but here's how i do it, cause i want to keep an accurate record but i'm not too worried about how neat and tidy it is.

    Since i got most of my paints set up along the back of the table and i had a good section of wall i wanted to fill with something useful. I decided that i wanted to know what the paint actually looks like dry, cause sometimes the paint doesn't look exactly the same when its dry, as compared to wet in the bottle. I had some foamboard left over from the paint stand project so heres what i came up with:

    I'll continue in a few.

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    Alrighty, most everything's up including my Luis Royo art prints(yay!), so that means its time to get to work. I mentioned earlier that i was feeling the call of nurgle and a long time ago i promised a friend i'd make a plague marines force and purchased some stuff and started working on it along time ago. I intend to keep that promise so i started breaking them out.... Now that i got them out i needed to figure out what i wanted to do with them.

    First off i stripped the paint off the ones i did before. It looked good to me but i wanted something that would be a tad different then the norm of mostly green nurgle. Also i wanted to do some converting and stuff and the game has changed a bit since i played it. I broke out some plague bearers i was going to use for a fantasy army to test some color schemes and try a new type of krylon primer i seen at walmart.


    the bleached bone looking one i sprayed with army painter primer.

    i primed another one with the krylon cause it seemed to work pretty good and basecoated it in a dark purple for an idea i had.

    more in a few

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    Looking good! I actually have a dedicated painting room, but it's in no way as organised as yours. Much respec'
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    Alrighty, that's it! No more painting on the coffee table. I'm going to buy myself a house...
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    Hehe. I've waited a very long time to get a paint room going again :-) thanks

    ok going to start on the purple plague bringer cause it turned out...well..not how i wanted, wasn't bad. I know what i did wrong, but it was one of those things you just got to try just so you can, ya know?
    basecoat was the last pick you seen in the thread then:

    dark wash of purple and green

    first stage:

    second stage:

    third stage:

    fourth stage:

    By this point i knew this wasnt the look i was going for, but it does look nice for something. Just not for grandpappy nurgle. i'll file that away and use it for soemthing else, plus i got the colors in the little black book, but im too lazy to grab it and look them up right this second :P

    more in a few.

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    Hiya peoples. I was going to post pics of the green ones, but i decided that green was not the way i wanted to go with a plague marine army. I wanted something a little different without going too /OOC for the army. So i did what anyone else would do. I searched the web!. Actually i just searched here and on and found ALOT of cool things relating to nurgle. However none of the colors did the "POP" thing for me. Don't get me wrong, massively cool stuffs everywhere, but nothing i liked colorwise.

    So afterwards i decided that i would just start putting things together and see what came to me. I wanted the army to look different then everyone else's army so that ment some conversion work. The question was how much was i wanting to do and how did i want to make it look? So again i did a search and found more amazing stuff. But one stood out to me more then most and it was one of Svartmetall's project logs that sent my mind in the direction i knew i wanted it to go. this link here in fact:

    Somewhere out there nurgle has a disease named after you Svartmetall. Hats off to you.

    I also knew that what i had wasn't everything i was going to need and at some point i would need some more marines. That ment hitting ebay and everything in between. I found some good deals here and there and ordered some stuff, but what to do in the mean time. Break out the old plague marine project and getting to work of course.

    First thing, i broke out the old predator tank i was converting into a possessed vehicle, back then and decide it needed to go to the nurgly side of things. Unfortunatley by the time i knew what i was doing i was already slapping greenstuff on it. It's not done, but here is some pics o that:

    I have a bad habit of working on several projects at once so my worktable can get very cluttered and messy :P

    more in a few.


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    Looking very possessed.
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    Some folks might be wondering what the circled blobs are. They are pustules. Why pustules? Welcome to nurgledom! Actually, while working on this, i figured out partly what i was doing theme wise... I wanted a nurgle army, but i wanted a SEXY nurgle army. Impossible you say? PFFT! i say! What could possibly be sexy to a nurgling, plague bearer, plague marine or nurgle himself? Pustules of course! lots of pustules! And thats how the name for this army was born. The Puss Pox Plague marines. Yay!

    So how am i going to convey that to the rest of the models let alone the marines themselves? Honestly i wasnt sure. I started working on some prep work for the plague marines i painted before. Thier simple green bath went rather well and 90 percent of the paint was gone and they were ready for some more cleaning when i looked at thier backpacks. For those of you who have done the plague marine box you've surely noticed that it comes with ONE nurgle type backpack that is for the veteran sergeant. That left 6 of the most un-nurgly looking backpacks that totaly do not match the models at all.

    As i bought some forgeworld parts for this army and they look a lot different then the GW parts i had to do something to tie the squads/vehicles together and the backpacks were in the suck zone so i had to do something there too. Also i was going to need a lot of puss type things all along the entire set of mini's. As i was trying to figure something out it hit me that the vents were about the same size of BB gun BB's and that could help with some of my converting as well. So off to the store i went and got a big thing of BB gun BB's

    I wanted the 3 circle type symbols like the tank above so that ment gluing the BB's together. Anyone ever do that before? Well take it from me, its a pain in the ass. i had a poster frame that i wasn't using yet and it still had plastic wrap stretched across the back of it. That happened to be a serious boon for what I had in mind. So out with the superglue and off to makeing pustules!

    Now that i had some dry it was time to start working to see if everything was going to turn out how i wanted. This is the Backpack conversion left to right, start to finish:

    The width of the pack is almost the exact same, but with the green stuff and 3 BB's it looks alot bigger. Its not and it turned out looking pretty good on a marine. Later before painting i'm going to put zombie faces and rotting skulls kinda stuck in the green stuff like the blob movie...kinda... you'll see eventually.

    more in a few.


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    Got all the back packs that i "think" i'll need to stage 3, and 3 at stage four. Added a few more GS things to the tank and started building up GS to get the eyeball filled out better. Got tired of working with the chewing gum and what i completed needed to set for a while.

    I then realized The simple green bathed mini's were going to need some slight converting for their squad. In particular would be the Aspiring champion who will need a power fist instead of the stock plague sword that came with it. I realized also that i would have two champ models in two different squads so they were going to have to look different.

    I decided to give this one a mutated right handed power claw. The problem to me, was the old mutant arm sprue didn't have too much nurglyness and not much could be passed off as a type or powerfist weapon. So i took the spiked club right arm and cut off all the spikes. Then i took two of the lobster claw big claw parts and chopped them off. I then started fileing the pieces so that they would be easy to fit together and throw a pin inside the clawed area. I then pinned the arm to the metal body and put some GS work to make it look like it is supposed to be a part of the army and model.

    After that was all dry and hardened up, i started taking a little of the bulk out of where the claws met the hand part and started building it back up with green stuff.

    At this point i'm not convinced that it could be a power claw. As i mentioned before i'm a packrat, and while i was doing the backpacks there were a few that had power cables that wouldnt be missed with the GS work being done so i cut them off for something else. Later on i'm going to use some of them to make it seem as though there are power cables running through his arm. That should be good to seem "like a powerfist" to me.

    More in a few.


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    It's been a few :-)

    OK so i had a bunch of demons from back when they could work with the CSM instead of being with their own codex, I plan on doing what anyone would do. They will be turned into a small fantasy daemon army. However i didnt like the old stock metal greater daemon of nurgle so much but that's what i had.

    Since i had some extra green stuff and wanted something a little different i decided to redo some of it. First off i got rid of those ugly moose antlers. I then felt like he would look much better with one eye, so i started setting layers of GS and set the "eyeball". I also made a new tongue as IMHO the other one was retarded looking.
    Ran out of GS and was going to start on something else but here is the stage that he is in.

    needed to clean up the two rhino's that i started on waaaay back. The idea was to use the forgeworld rhino doors on one each of the pred, and two rhino's. So the front went to the Pred, and each side hacth when to one rhino apiece. They were a tad dusty. But all good now.

    I got a ton of stuff i ordered which means i got started on something else....
    But, for the moment, i'm going to stick with just the things relating to this 40k army. When i start painting it I'll also pick up a few of the mini's not related to GW just to break the tedium of painting so much of the same stuff. So that's when you all will start seeing something not 40k related.

    So, i started cleaning up my first Finecast model, the plague daemon prince. I was very worried cause of all the tons of hype, but GW customer service has never been a problem for me in the past so i went ahead and ordered it.

    Overall, for resin, i didn't detect too many problems at first. Almost none of the parts wanted to fit right though. That wasn't going to be a problem since i knew id be changing some stuff around anyways. The legs arms and main body wouldn't be getting too many changes so i pinned glued and gap filled them together. Based on the weapon change im doing, the right arm had to be repositioned slightly.

    Now i'm not sure how i'd like to do the wings. I ordered the undead dragon wings, however they were WAY too big, but would have been perfect. i've got these manticore wings but i'm not sure that they will be right for this model.

    I used the old "standard GW dragons wings for anything scaly that flies" on my first daemon prince conversion, So i didn't want to use those again. The pics are dark and the color scheme was an experiment that i never finished but here's what he looks like.

    I'm kinda proud of that conversion. Everything went together really well. I just need to get it painted up to something later.

    More in a few


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    Questions and constructive comments always welcome of course.

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    Just a pics update on yet another part of the 40k plague marines:

    Still converting stuff on this squad and put 80% of the second squad together as well as giving them flamers.

    More in a few


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    Been more then a few, but i been busy :-)

    First off, i said i was going to paint other things while working on the plague marines to break up the monotony of it. So i started cleaning some mini's that ill be working on, plus they are for a game i been wanting to try for a long time Malifaux.

    I know nothing about the game but their mini's have a lot of flavor. The story seems interesting but i haven't looked into it much. As of writing this i'm going to do all their bases separately.
    slightly modified lilith and her crew ready for primer.

    The ortega crew ready for primer. guy on the lefts arm sucked to attach.

    Kirai and her crew ready for primer

    Sonia Criid and her crew. Don't know for sure what it is about that mini. It just has that look that says "go ahead and f&*k with me, i'll enjoy kicking your ass." Know what i mean? Plus the new avatar model of hers looks cool in its own right.

    more in a few


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    Ok back to 40K.

    Chime in the pulp fiction music!

    This squad is all two handed grip bolters with matching shoulder pads with two metlas. The AC will have a PF but he needs some coversion work so he wont look too much like the other model i have like that. the squad in itself looks different from the other models of that type as all thier arms match and you rarely see a full squad of this type of model with all twohanded grip bolters.

    Speaking of AC i took the second forge world champ i had and started hacking away on it. I have a box of zombies that i planned on using for this and basing stuff. So right off i swapped heads with a zombie head.

    Cut out parts of the chest and grabbed some more zombie parts and woosh! Guts hanging out! What better way to show your in proper nurgelic fashion?

    Started to convert a little bit of the flamer squad.

    finished the champ for this squad

    more in a few


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