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    Default Painting up faces, etc.

    Generally speaking, I paint the face first on the miniature, as I work over a white undercoat (almost always), and I find that white is essential for the technique I use and the effect I like.
    Unlike some people, I paint the eyes before I do the highlighting, but after I\'ve basecoated and shaded the fleshy areas of the face. I tend to work with a lot of glazing and thin washes, so this (painting the eyes after the shading washes have been applied) keeps the paint from running into a perfectly painted eye (although it still takes a little practice). As the glazes I use tend to be so thin, it\'s not really important if they get into the eye socket, just dab the excess out quickly with a clean brush.

    For an example of how I paint faces and eyes, hop on over to my Pbase site, I have a couple of tutorials.


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    Message original : Dragonsreach
    U4-Welcome I don\'t get that. Why eyes last? Isn\'t it making the job more difficult for yourself. Because you are basically going back into work you\'ve already done. you\'ve admitted that it\'s not easy and you\'ve had to redo the attempts.
    Maybe you should try eyes, then skin out over, on a figure and see how you do.
    Mwell, to be fully precise, I basecoat the face, ink the recesses, shade the sockets, paint and highlight the mouth area, and then do the eyes. So actually, after painting the eyes, I still have to highlight the cheeks, if that\'s what you mean. I tried doing eyes then skin, but I just couldn\'t see where to place the irises with all that white face around it. I mean, I painted them, then the face, and in the end it really looked like the eyes didn\'t match the rest of the mini, for some reason.

    It takes a few tries, but I actually like painting eyes. Now if I could avoid doing something, it\'d be laying on the basecoats. I hate doing it. It\'s just boring. Yay paint a layer of blue. Yay another one. Woot, and a third one. Rinse, repeat, with other colors and other areas. The fun only starts with highlighting, shading, and other, fancier stuff, IMO. (/rant)

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    Tried again this morning and well, they look okay I guess. But only from certain angles. :)

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    I think people do the eyes last because they are \"details\", and we\'ve learned to do the basic first, details at the end. I just do them whenever I feel that it\'s time to do them. Always after the face though, it gives me a better idea if they\'re done properly or not.

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    well, I am not as skilled as you but I can say this. Sometimes on spell users I just do glowing eyes. it saves time and head aches.

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    Pfft, I painted 38 eyes today. What are you complaining about? :|~

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    38 eyes??? Crap, you must have been working one ton of minis ( well OK a few ounces). Hey if we all did that many eyes maybe it wouldn\'t be a big deal anymore.

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    Default Two Words


    And FWIW, I paint the eyes last.

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