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    Awesome graphic enion, and happy t-giving to everyone. Sorry about disappearing, but Enions graphic is exactly what I was trying to say.

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    There is also the color itself that sometimes do not kindly goes towards the right chroma range. This is highly dependent upon the mixes of pigments in the paint, some color will change to a duller, offset color not correctly related to the 'pure' color in the paint pot. It happened with a nice brown (a burnt sienna looks) I had, I put white in it it would turn to a pinkish beige. Coming from an oil paint background I found this highly frustrating until I figured out that many acrylic paints are made with a mix of pigment colors and not often from a single pure pigment, so the most abundant pigment color will take over and can shift the hue of the original color 'from the pot' (like the red pigment present in the brown color I had). It is possible that you have this problem also with your red (some russet brown pigment color in it). But like many others wrote above, yes, a white base will definitively brighten up your colors! Just try your mixes beforehand on a piece of scrap plastic and check how the colors behave as it dry, it may save you from repainting your models!

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    I'm not an expert in colour theory ( slept through most of the classes ) but it has been well explained by everyone

    The only thing I can do is show it to you... ( I'm fairly confident with this pic )
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    For the banner, what I've done was primed it with chaos black, give it 2 layers of brick red and then a very dark brown wash only on the parts of the banner that are always in shadow. Then I used a pure red and stippled it on the illuminated areas, about 4 to 5 layers, until it felt rigth. In case of doubt, I used my desk light to see if the colours highlights and shadows matched the actual ones made by the lamp. The final layer was just to blend the red with the brick colour.

    Don't forget that red is the most difficult colour to work with: it's less opaque than other pigments to light, so you'll have to give it more layers.

    Other than that, just don't be afraid to mess up. You can take the pain of and try again

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    Try basing your Red models in a rust color. I use Krylon Outdoor Burgundy. It dries flat and provides a good basecoat to continue working on reds. I also use P3 paints exclusively and would recommend you pick up the Khador Paint Set as it's got some great reds in it. Or just get the three red paint pots from P3.

    Khador Red Base
    Khador Red Highlight

    Also the P3 Sanguine Base is a good color to start off with if you're basing in a grey color. You can try a Tamiya fine surface primer in light grey or grey. This will help to not overcoat the model and keep the detail plus it will give you the light coat you need for your colors to pop. As many before me have said, if you base in a dark color, your paint job will not be as vibrant as if you were to base coat in a lighter. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    I paint all my models from a grey basecoat, I buy one of those little Tamiya cans.
    Best I've found so far, they spray with just a few shakes, and dry in 10 minutes.

    One little trick to make your life easier is to organise your paints by color and hue
    I have all the paints I need to paint any hue of red, in the order in which I need them.
    I just have to pick somewhere to start and keep going brighter, until it's bright enough.

    I usually paint with a Shading wash (the darkest hue I want, with A LOT of water) into which I blend my brighter colors.
    This shading wash usually contains black, but I've seen people do great things with other shades.
    That said, I'm still trying to find out what works on which colors.
    With red for example, I've had the best result with layering on loads of invisible layers to gradually build up the color.

    Looking at your models, everything (except the back of the eldar's cloak)... They don't grab my attention, there's nothing to make them pop.
    The eldar's cloak has a lot of contrast, the rest.... not so much.
    Try going a bit brighter for your highlights.

    And as a further tip, my personal motto when it comes to painting:
    Try everything and find out what works for you.

    Hope this was at least of some help :P
    "The purpose of life is to be remembered, the meaning of life is to remember those that came before you." -Mourner

    My personal motto when it comes to painting:
    "Try everything, and find what works for you."

    My personal motto when it comes to life:
    "You can do anything you like, as long as you do it right."

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