Dark Elf Dread Lord / Supreme Sorceress on Black Dragon
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Thread: Dark Elf Dread Lord / Supreme Sorceress on Black Dragon

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    Red face Dark Elf Dread Lord / Supreme Sorceress on Black Dragon

    Hi all,

    This is my latest paint job. Again it is another Warhammer Fantasy miniature.
    I really enjoyed painting it. It best features are the custom base and the fact that it can be assembled in 6 different version, 4 of which have an impact on the battle field when playing with it.

    A more detailed tour can start from here: http://www.midnight-partners.com
    The figure is for Sale at my webstore. http://midnight-partners.com/store/black-dragon.html
    A full review is now posted on my blog. http://midnight-partners.com/blog
    A full photo gallery is at my website. http://www.midnight-partners.com/GW-Black-Dragon.htm
    A full 360 videoat my Youtube channel. http://youtu.be/t5zbb_yASHc
    As usual any comments are more than welcome.

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    Like that, rather neat

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    Very well painted, but there is something about it that screams 'plastic' to me. I'm not sure what it is.

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    freak thanks for you comment.

    Super Freak: I guess you know this GW min is amde of plastic but I am very interested in your comment. COuld you elaborate more? Is it the dragon itself or my painting which gives you this feeling.

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    I think it's a mix of both. The plastic effect is really apparent to me on the neck and limb areas. The wings and face do not seem to have it. I'm not exactly sure what it is, maybe a slight gloss shine, or possibly even the paint is a bit flat there.

    I hope that helps, I'm not trying to nitpick, just offer an honest critique.

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    I will keep that in mind for my next project. I like to give have my paint as smooth as possible maby it is more apparent were you mentioned. I alos use a lot of ligh when taking photos this to show all thae fading effects from one colour to another I use but sometimes do not show through normal photograppy. Will keep you comment in mind. Thanks Vike.

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