Duel - Gold on Master of Imagination 2011
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Thread: Duel - Gold on Master of Imagination 2011

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    Default Duel - Gold on Master of Imagination 2011

    Hi all!

    Here you have a new project!

    A Duel between Landspeeder Storm and Wraithlord.

    It was a project for Master of Imagination painting competition. It won Gold in Diorama/Unit category.

    ITS FOR SALE! fell free to mail me if you are interested or if you have any question about it or commission

    And some pics from Master of Imagination, by Slawol.

    and pics by me


    Please, check/follow and enjoy my BLOG HERE - www.camelson.blogspot.com
    If you have any questions about painting or commissions, just mail me


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    bloody marvellous Lovely paintwork, and as a life-long eldar player, I can't help but find it hugely entertaining
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