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Thread: Alexis WIP Waarhammer

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    Yes i like. Especially the little rats running around.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    It's been a while since I popped in to take a look but crickey, you just keep getting better and better.
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    Cracking good job alex!!

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    Hi everyone. Despite not posting for quite a while I haven't been idle. This project I have in hand is quite a challenge for me: it's 2 warmachine minis, a world wrigth, and the idea is to painting it as the lore demands rather than follow the official paint job. As the lore says, these are wood golems that catch the enemy and self immolate while holding on to the poor victim. So, I' trying to give the idea of the start of the burning.

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    So, started with the fire areas and moved up to do the wood, bone, fabric and rope bits. After completing the metals and vines, I'll go back and do the charred efect.

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    Let's see who it will turn up

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    Great ferkin job!!!!

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