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    Painted for a challenge over n the WAMP site. Small mini for sure! I tried to be more experimental (for my taste's anyway!) with the flesh. I've had comment that the grass clumps are too big for the size of the mini and serve as a distraction. I think that's a good point.

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    I really like that - one of the best things you've painted. The extra level of highlights are just the job

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    Love this, great work :-)
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    While the grass clumps may distract a wee bit, they also lend a sense of scale to the wee chap. I reckon overall it's great piece. Almost qualifies as a teeny tiny diorama
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    Yeah I agree with Scott the extra highlights really makes it pop and make it interesting.

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    Not overly fond of the sculpt, but nice paint!

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    Thankgs gang. Any crits?

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    I'll throw in a criticism, but only because you asked for it and I looked hard (okay, okay, avoiding other work). The woods look a little flat and same-y. I'm looking at the spear and the shield, and those really don't have a lot of color variation between them. In addition the spear head could have been a bit more contrasted with the shaft.
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    Musculature on the leg looks rough - looks as though it's an issue with the cast/sculpt as much as with the painting. I tend to smooth this sort of thing over with some putty when I prep the figure.

    For a paint only solution, I'd just glaze the recesses of the leg over with a mid tone to bring it together a bit more. It could benefit from some subtle edge highlighting and blacklining in some areas to help define things even more.

    Would like a tiny highlight in the eyes too
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottRadom View Post
    Thankgs gang. Any crits?

    You have bad breath and a monobrow.

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    Great model and paintjob. Loving both!
    Skin colour is so cool.

    For crits. I'd say that the stones on the base are a little too grey for my liking.
    And I second the comments about the legs needing a little more work to really pop.

    But damn - nice colour scheme and model. I like the grass on the base for the scale issue. It really shows that he is a tiny bugger!

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    If I'd seeen this as an anonymous entry Scott, I don't think I would have guessed it was yours first time, which I suspect I would've with other recent entries. So the experimentation has paid off to my eye

    I like him, the nose in particular, pushing that highlight all the way looks great (second pic down particularly). A pupil or flash of reflection in the eyes would go down well (as SM said) but I suspect he's rather dinky to achieve it with ease!

    Good work, cheers, B.
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    Appreciate the comments and love the crits guys. Thanks!

    'Cept you Vike! My breath smells magnificent! And you should know from American history that an eyebrow divided cannot stand! Monobrow=Majesty!

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    Hmm....something smells like Spam....I could be wrong, but I recognize that smell anywhere!

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    Uh... no... it's not spam. It's not spam! Clearly aartikrypton was touched by the image of my goblin AND the information it contained and was thoughtful enough to comment. I touched his life with my creation and you're trying to take that away from me. All I can ask is....


    Why must you dump on my moment! aartikrypton felt a connection with my mini and gained valuable information from it and you dismiss this connection as "spam". Hurtful. Tear-inducing. I hope one day you see a really nice image and you get some information from it Supervike. Then I hope someone tells you that what you're feeling is only spam! We'll see how you like it then mister!

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    OMG. I'm so sorry. I didn't realize you Canadian men had feelings. Or vaginas.

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    Apology accepted... Captain Needa.

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    Broke n English


    Proper pukka little fella he is, thanks

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    I like that sculpt. A departure from what I normally see on store shelves. I need to get me a few of those for my D&D nights.

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