LONG TIME , no models.....Anghor rides again !
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Thread: LONG TIME , no models.....Anghor rides again !

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    Default LONG TIME , no models.....Anghor rides again !

    Its been years since I have posted anything on CMON, mainly because my career as a Firefighter has risen from the ashes !( great pun eh ! ).
    Well at last I am back with a vengance, & thanks to help of my beautiful young leggy assistant Tim I have for the first time ever got in progress shots as well !
    On a more serious note This Kroot model is dedicated to all the folks who have helped me and taught me to be the modeller I am today. People often say how great my stuff is and forget its down to 45 years practise and a lot of help from others. So thankyou;
    Sid Horton,Max Longhurst ,Brian Stewart ,Bill Horan ,Alan Carussco ,Jeremie Bonamant ,Darren Latham and last but not least my 3 grown up daughters and my beautiful wife Margy !(not forgetting the loverlee Tim )
    So here is my Resurrection Kroot Anghor Prok !
    From this :


    To this;


    To this;


    And finally ..Prok rides Again!


    He's a big beasty and came 3rd place in the North Devon County Show , for best new breed. Behind a turtle dove and a Nepalese fighting duck. At one point we had to physically restrain Anghor & the duck !

    Lastly, 2 Marines, Major conversions.



    GOD bless ................................. Adie

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    Ain't nothing loverlee about me!! Great work, nice to see the wips

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    Voted. Good to see you back here. Its getting to be like old home week with all the returns.
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    Finally made an appearance mate, great work :-)
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    Incredible stuff, as always. Welcome back!

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    Huh, I don't think I've ever seen an already painted model resurrected this way, at least not here. Great work, and clever use of the great knarloc in a different scale.

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    It's brilliant to see you back Adie, Love the new minis - as always your sculpting is superb.

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    Beautiful work as always Adie! Good to see some minis by you!

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