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    Just picked up a slew of new metal GW minis (I'm buying out my local game store of their old chaos marine metals MWUAHAHA) and accidentally picked up some Legion of the Damned marines. At first look, these guys are Chaos as hell, and would make some sick plague marines, but I'm new to conversions (like, new as in I once touched some green stuff once...and that was it, just touched it) and need some pointers as to what I could do to them to make them into nurglites. Any advice? Anything oh mighty and great CMON gods?

    http://imgur.com/a/ZLEmw#0 <---Shitty iPhone pictures. Sorry, I'm at work, it's the best I can do.

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    Personally, I wouldn't go for nurgle, they tend to have plain, unadorned armour. Maybe a khornate squad - do the armour in red with bone trim/designs?

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    Use a drill to break the plastic up and paint that part as decayed by rust. Paint some Nurgle iconry on the marines.

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    I agree with freak in a sense, they arent very nurgly, especially not plague marine-esque, but im assuming theyre for your nurgle army? You could go for something not as nurgle as death guard, maybe a squad from a random renegade chapter that has fallen to chaos in general but is going the way of worshiping the lord of decay. Theres plenty listed on lexicanum.com. You could do the bones bronzy and use gs and plasticard to ad a few spikes/8 pointed stars here and there which wouldnt need to be too neat if theyre looking all "decayey" lol, and the odd bit of minor swelling shouldnt be too hard, and maybe a bit of ooze or the od basic tentacle/tendril from a drilled hole or 2 like estragon suggested?


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    I like Kris's ideas.

    Consider matt or satin varnish for any ooze or tendrils you might add.

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    The internet is choc-full of easy to follow Nurgle green-stuff projects.
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    Indeed, "nurgle green stuff" gives quite a few results.

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