looking for apeman/neandetrhal 28mm
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Thread: looking for apeman/neandetrhal 28mm

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    Default looking for apeman/neandetrhal 28mm

    im doin a bunch of pieces based off some of my fav conan stories and such and cant seem to find any good minis to rep the apeman from the various covers and art pieces. also would like some beastly looking neanderthal types, i seen the few reaper has but they just dont click with my vision. an ideal neanderthal mini would look similar to the beastly tribe in the new conan flick or the ones from the age of conan. thx for any and all help!

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    Reaper used to make "Neanderthals". Some of them are out of production but if you go to e-bay and search for Reaper Neanderthal you will find some. I just look there were 4 available.

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    yeah seen those, decent but trying for combat poses. red box games seems to have some cool orcs that might work for me, im thinking the more human lookin orcs will have to do for me. still searching. oh and thx for the reference to them reapers minis, appreciate it.

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    sorry redbox isnt the right company, bronze age minis is what i meant

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    Also, check Copplestone Castings. They have many different "cavemen/women"


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