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    so im working on a large nurgle army right now.... here's some quik pics... ive got 30 plague marines finished 4 termiantors finished a plague hulk finished.. still need to finished 6 terminators 2 vindicators a landraider and when it gets here a nurgle greater daemon 2 dreadnaughts a blight drone, and just for fun a toad dragon, beast of nurgle, and a chaos lord... also need a second landraider as well, and finish a base for my daemon prince... here's some quik pics

    1 set of 9 marines and all 3 champions with power weapons

    for fun cause it's nurgle <3

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    WOW! Is that last mini a conversion? What parts did you use? The painting is great. Keep it up.

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    Very nice looking start to an army.

    I love the way they look coherent while still looking suitably nasty. You must spend a fortune on that one green paint

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    3 different greens XD (1 is a mix) also i just learnt i SUCK at sculpting.... lol

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    I definitely wouldn't say you suck at sculpting, that thing makes me feel ill and reminds me of some studio ghibli stuff, so going on just those two merits I think you've done a bang up job
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    so i have a few more WIP pics to post of the army in progress however due to a few reasons these pics cant be posted until after christmas.... that being said come christmas you can expect atleast 3 pics so far... altho most likely there will be more! so stay tuned folks!

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    next up... (dread still needs touchups)

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    looking good so far!
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