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Thread: Lunah from kabuki model WIP

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    Default Lunah from kabuki model WIP

    Just want to know how do you like it so far... Every comment is well accepted.
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    She kinda dispears on that large base. My first thought was....neat base....didnt see the mini
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    i like it. base is fine according to me, but the mini does indeed not pop. as a fairy she should be brighter. you could try highlighting her more, and perhaps make her sparkle

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    Maybe a bit brighter on the skin. It looks like the first two pictures are a bit dark which is why the model is kinda blending into the base. I think it pops better in the third but, it would pop more with a bit lighter skin tone.

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    I'm trying right now to highlight more and so giving it more contrast probably that is the problem... Thank you for your advices I'll show you soon as i can.

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    Ok let's see if it's better.
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    Looks much better though I think you could still go a bit brighter on the highlights.

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    I agree, looks a lot better now.
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    Well I have not tried it. But I do have one tattoo of Luna kabuki. The thing that I like the most about the Luna from is their kabuki face masks especially the bone mask.

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