Dark Age campaign Gangs of Ashkelon happening at Gigabites starting on Jan 26th
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Thread: Dark Age campaign Gangs of Ashkelon happening at Gigabites starting on Jan 26th

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    Default Dark Age campaign Gangs of Ashkelon happening at Gigabites starting on Jan 26th

    this will start when we get another player. Gigabites is located in Marietta Georgia in the East Lake Shopping Center at 2197 Roswell Road, Ste 101 Marietta, GA 30062. tis will start at 7pm.

    Dark•Age Crusade
    Gangs of New Ashkelon
    Crusade Type: Single Cohort
    Crusade Objectives: Seasonal (3+# of players turns)
    Players: 4-6(this is just the suggested amount)
    Cohorts: 1 per Player(1 Forcelist)
    Crusade Size: 500pts.
    Cohort Force: 750pts.
    Additional Rules: I have decided not to use Elements as this campaign is set in an urban environment. Campaigns use their own scenarios listed on page 75 but those on page 65 may be chosen as well. and all of this is in more detail on page 69. also i think we should try out the "no unique units"[this does not include units that can only be per fielding another, ei harpies, elementals and such] and ''no models that a PV more than 150pts" rules. let's play by the rules as they are and then once through decide which work and which don't.

    i have some signed up and can take more.

    phase 1
    lingering crusades effects
    phase 2
    each player rolls a D20.
    lowest chooses first, his first opponent etc...
    phase 3
    the actual choosing(or demanding) of you opponent
    build the scenario
    play the scenario
    determine casualties
    get/spend XP pts
    phase 4
    get/spend crusade pts
    get/spend reinforcement pts

    Crusades have a turn sequence. it starts with the initiative roll. lowest is better. the player with the lowest roll challenges an opponent. they then each roll for a scenario. you play it out and gain/spend Experience points. after that you receive/spend Crusade points and reinforcement points. the turn is over and initiative starts again.

    you build a force list within the 750 point limit. after you roll a scenario build your force from that to about 500 points + or - any of the scenario modifiers(like +10% to forcelist). as troops die off you still have some to work with.

    models can gain EX(experience) that can be spent on stat increases. this is awesome. say I'm playing ice caste dragyri and i just won my scenario. i make a PS roll for my sprit lord + 1 for the scenario win. i roll an 8. he gains 1 base + 1 for a success. if i rolled a 1 he would have another for the crit. 3 EX can be sent on +1 AS, PW, X multiplier, or AR... etc.

    winning a scenario win grant you CP(cohort pts) to spend on +10% to forcelist, -10% to the enemy... you get the idea. really cool stuff.

    sample cohort forcelist

    35 slave task master
    60 6x spear slaves
    90 6x guard slaves
    75 5x sling slaves
    135 spirit lord
    180 3x soul searchers
    total 500
    95 death's device
    75 frost bite
    total 745
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    Sounds like fun. I'm curious to see how it turns out.

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    Are you coming to it?
    Nos es Legio.

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