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    My first "must have" mini in quite a while:

    I almost ordered it directly from Knight Models, but once I got to the 'shipping' part it said "no carrier ships to that location"....What the hell?

    Hopefully, the CMoN store will get it soon, so I can fulfill my yearnings.

    I'm a bit leary of the face (it looks like a Rob Liefeld sketch), but overall I MUST OWN THIS!

    Any info on where I can buy it, or why Knight Models won't ship to Iowa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    Any info on where I can buy it, or why Knight Models won't ship to Iowa?
    They don't like Iowans?

    I tried the same thing for North Carolina. Does not ship to address.

    They are in Spain. Maybe they don't like Americans? Probably more to do with the Spanish mail system than anything else.
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    You might keep an eye on Red Lancers site. They carry the line, although they don't show Cap yet, they DO have the Red Skull.


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    I'm not sure I like this one - looks a bit awkward and the proportions seem a bit off - but I'm reserving final judgement until I see the bare castings. While I appreciate the style they're going for in the boxart this kind of 'overpainting' makes it hard to see what you're really getting.


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    We're reaching an agreement to distribute Knight Models in the USA soon, so it should increase general availability for everyone!
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Awesome! I'll wait.....but waiting is not easy for me!!

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