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    Smile To the future~

    Very happy Legacy is listening (via Under The Mountain
    Legacy Miniatures wrote:
    November 7, 2011 at 3:55 am

    I take the opportunity to explain and answers to some of the complains I read in these last months.
    First of all thanks for posting them, we were expecting them and it is important for us to read and react.
    As David from CMON said things are not always black and white.
    I will explain where we come from and why we acted in a certain way and not in another:
    CMON has no responsibilities on the pricing, we sell them the waves at a certain price and of course they charge their profit margin. So no need to attack them, they are just doing their job.
    We are located in China, finding a trustworthy resin caster is very difficult and we found a solution that is still too expensive. For you and for us. We are now in the process to reconsider the whole process.
    We wanted to provide an impeccable product in term of quality; this is the reason why a resin mould is used only for few casts (5 to 8 depending on the piece) and why we inserted a plastic tray. We understood now that these solutions are too expensive so from future waves we will change this approach. We also work the miniatures with a system of integrated plugs and this is also an additional cost.
    We collected all the resins masters left by Rackham and we found them in a very chaotic status. Some pieces are missing; some others incomplete and we have to archive and catalogue in a proper manner. This is time consuming and we are not that many at Legacy Miniatures.
    After wave 2 and wave 3 we understood there is no reason to re-release existing products. We will limit the release to new pieces or to limited edition ones.
    When we will have finally sorted out the catalogue, we will sit down with our distribution partner CMON and we will decide what is the best way to relaunch the game. Again it is not an easy call because it is a huge investment and we have to do in the right way.
    These pieces now on sale will never be recasted in this manner and quality, hence customers who bought them could be sure of the uniqueness of their acquisition.
    The Cynwall Dragon will be sold at what we consider the right market price after we looked into similar pieces. No doubt, it will be expensive, but again we don’t think we will be able to produce many of them.
    Thanks to all of you for your patience, critics and we hope that we will be able in the future months to fulfil your expectations.
    Again if you have to blame someone it is us.
    Legacy Miniatures

    Super good news regarding the future of Confrontation, as you may notice that "relaunching" the game is mentioned. Also, we'll be seeing mostly never released figures in the near future. This all, with the realization that finding a way to make the minis they sell a bit more affordable. On a personal note, here's hoping for some of lost Cynwall casts which have never seen the light of day. They're sure to be gorgeous like all of the range.

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    While I'm happy that they will be releasing new models, I'm disappointed we wont be seeing large runs of previous models.
    Since I've heard the news that confrontation was being bought I've been trying to buy as many older Mid-Nor models as I can find. Unfortunately many of the models are very difficult to purchase and are usually in less then perfect condition.

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    It is a shame so many great miniatures have gone. I am not interested in the game but loved the miniatures (I have about 130 wolfen figures and still find them on bring and buys). My only hope is that the artists are still around and they bring out new models to enhance the range.

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    i'm still holding out that they do re-run some of the older previously sold sculpts. after picking up the mid-nor Hydra and soon the Cyclops, I feel the urge to get the entire mid-nor range. Especially the clan box set.

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