Why waste any more time, money, or effort? Cyalataz! ~ Mr. Yao
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Thread: Why waste any more time, money, or effort? Cyalataz! ~ Mr. Yao

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    Default Why waste any more time, money, or effort? Cyalataz! ~ Mr. Yao

    Hi everyone! I\'m a highschool student right now and I\'ve been familiar with this whole mini-painting/game-playing hobby for a little over a year now and I was just wondering what you all find to be the best part about this stuff! Is it the painting? game playing? friend-getting/losing? popularity? exercise? It\'s not the lack-luster gaming or the down-right expense or the hobby\'s reputation as being made for geeks with no lives, friends, or social skills. I\'m pretty sure i didnt get into this (warhammer 40k is what i did...) for any of that... Why do you ppl put up with any of this stuff? What keeps you motivated? Why keep going and wasting your lives and money on this crap? Sure, I enjoy seeing a bunch of painted minis to call my own army and what not, but there are so many other more worthwhile things in life - frankly, one thing that high school has taught me in life is that there are so many opportunities to do well in life - it is the kind of endeavors you choose to pursue and succeed in that matter most. I wouldn\'t say I\'ve wasted a hundred bucks, fifty or so hours, and a whole lot of effort of a year of my youth, but I can\'t help but think about how much I may have accomplished if I invested it into the other, more important aspects of my life. I may have gotten that extra A to get a 4.5 GPA, or maybe practiced more to place higher in race finals, just whatever! I just want ppl to think about what theyre doing right now with their lives - I just hope that they wont regret it later. Just glad I could see it and get out in time! Think about it~ See you later everyone at coolminiornot.com! Im outta here! :)

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    Default LOL

    I know! Think of all the work you could have been doing instead of this damned \"fun\"! lol :rolleyes:

    It\'s like, why do any art? Is it going to get you a high paying job? There\'s more to life than getting the A grade and the money. I\'d rather enjoy the fleeting lifetime I have.

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    Sure, spending hours of training running around a track for no other reason than getting to the exact place you started is teh pwn, but God forbid we try to include a measure of artistic entertainment in our lives. :D

    I mean, to each his own I guess.

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    lollollollol, yep, i sure as hell wasted 15 years of my life, never made any friends(except all the ones I met through gaming.painting ofcourse) and sure as hell don\'t have a career that is highly rewarding in a creative sense and enjoyable to boot.
    Yes, i wasted my time, i\'m such a loser, because I don\'t have any friends, am really fat, a virgin that never ever had a date,never go out of the house, watch tellytubbies all day and only talk to my toy soldiers....(ok, that last part is true;))
    If you beleive it\'s a waste of time fine, but on\'t spout it on here, go back to your empty lifestyle, where the only friends you\'ve got will stay as long as you\'re successful.....w*nk*r....

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    Whats that mean?

    ...See there is a education to be found here

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    i\'m not allowed to say, this is a family forum after all...use your imagination ;)

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    Default You can have your cake and eat it too

    When you get a little older, you\'ll find out that being successful ain\'t all it\'s cracked up to be. I have been a vp at several high-tech companies and there\'s a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibility. When I come home at the end of the day and see my family, paint some minis, and talk w/ my \"geeky\" online friends, that\'s when I\'m the happiest and NONE of that has anything to do w/ the fact that I\'m successful during the day.

    You need balance in your life to be truly successful.


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    @ TAB, here\'s a hint, the missing vowels are \"e\" and \"a\", but not necessarily in that order.

    Now, Young Yao, it\'s all a matter of perspective, see? The meaning and fulfillment that life can give is often self generated, or, if yer a sheep, then it is other generated. What I mean here is that it is up to the individual to find meaning and value in his or her life, but sometimes the meaning and value is foisted upon the indivdual by those around him or her. So what this means is that your diatribe about painting and gaming being a \"waste of time\" is merely your own opinion or the opinion of those around you; however, in the big picture, it is one mere opinion among many and really has no intrinsic value of itself. In other words, there is no reason to take your word on these matters as some sort of illuminated knowledge. Rather, you have likely done nothing more than to annoy some people who find something of value in painting and gaming--bravo.

    Anyway, as you move through life perhaps you\'ll discover your happiness in other things, but seriously dude, there\'s no right or wrong way to find value in life (so long as it is not extracted at the expense of others, which, ironically enough, many so-called \"success\" markers in society are derived from the misery of others).

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    YES by all means quit the hobby become a workaholic, avoid the pleasure of time to relax, live off stress and become sucessful.

    I work & live in the real world and IT SUCKS! I have to deal with so many Anal retentive people that I suppose one more career minded, business dominating, blinkered point of view added to the world won\'t make any difference.

    I enjoy my hobby and feel that because of it my LIFE is more complete. I enjoy the company and banter of the friends I have both online and in person.

    So all I will say is Ciao Yao!
    You are the loser!

    @Tammy: So what If he\'s a w*nk*r, it\'s his, he can polish as fast as he wants. ;);)

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    This is very true, what he does with his own....thing... is his business......i just get peeved about people who have this preconceived image of gaming and the sort of people invlvoed in it, a lot of people who do it for only a little while do. fact is, without tihs hobby, my english would have been rubbish, now i\'m fluent. if only I could type a bit better.....;)

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    Default sorry to see you go pal- you seem tres cool...

    W*nk*r--- ouch!

    ...doesn\'t mean much to us North American types, but not nice in the UK I guess.(*=a and e respectively), but be nice, this cat may have some serious worries here, and I hear him.
    Anyways... Dear Mr. way too young to be so jaded, just kidding...
    Man it is sad to see someone lament about the small stuff, so don\'t do it. Its that easy- hope you had fun playing your games, move on , come back to it later, whatever, but regrets are mischief to you soul pal. Been there, done that and didn\'t even get a t-shirt. (Mischief is usually defined in psych terms as doing something that doesn\'t need to be done.) Realy, man I worked a stint in pediatric psychiatry and saw so many young folks totally wasting on themselves and dredging up serious depressive illnesses. Its about living in the past and not accepting today as it comes. There is a saying- \"it is what it is\", meaning: things are neither good nor bad- they just are, and it is up to us in how we want to deal with them. Trust me, I\'m an x-medic and you want to live the happiest you can each day- I think there are a few current and x-millitary types right here on this site (or their families) that can tell you that really clearly man. Example, grades are not truely and indicator of how you will do once you get out to the real world, job, post-secondary, etc... yet so many people sweat them ( i\'m not saying let er\' all go, but be realistic in your goals). I sucked in lots of little classes at College, and worried a bit too much, felt unworthy dispite all I had done already- then a prof dropped that little pearl on me- then boom- lights went on.
    Just do what you can do. BTW Gaming gives you tons of other skills- E.g./ roleplaying- what do you think therapists do? Planning, organizing and multi-tasking couldn\'t be taught in a major corperate retreat like the skills you get just horsing around with folks like us either.:D Put things in perspective too- its just games you were playing. I\'m not hearing you lament about smokin\' crack- least I hope not.
    Ok, so I hid the roleplay books and toy soldiers when the chicks came over when I wore a younger man clothes, but this one I got now digs me for who I am- so no worries mate.:D
    Truely hope you come back to read this or at least someone with the same feelings does. It is natural to leave things behind as you grow, and to pick them up. Hope I made a bit of sence. PEACE OUT Mr. Yao, wherever you are.

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    **puts on her worst karaoke voice**

    let it be, let it be, oh let it be, let it be...(preatorian is...) speaking words of wisdom, let it be...lollollollollol

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    Default Can ah have an amen brotha\'

    Originally posted by t_haye2
    **puts on her worst karaoke voice**

    let it be, let it be, oh let it be, let it be...(preatorian is...) speaking words of wisdom, let it be...lollollollollol
    I am sorry my brothers and sistas, but the spirit just \'a moves me sometimes- (choir kicks in now, wild dancing starts, blues brothers walk in, etc...)lollollol

    Hey yaknow when one doth gets uptight- The Who played at 220 dB gets me started again- preferably by me on my Marshal when I get the chance:D
    The bestest things in life are so simple aren\'t they.

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    Default Tammy, aren\'t you being a bit harsh.....

    After all, we have all been where Mr Yao is at some time in our lives. Disillusioned perhaps, distracted by \'other\' passions etc.
    There is nothing Mr Yao has said that I would take as a slur, in fact my impression is that he has his tongue firmly in his cheek. After all, an accurate definition of almost any hobby should include the words/phrases, \'waste of time\', \'expensive\', pointless etc...That\'s what hobbies are....Unless your \'hobby\' happens to be rescuing people from burning buildings or feeding starving children etc.
    Good luck Mr Yao! Feel free to slam the door behind you but don\'t throw away the key, as you never know, you might want to come back at some point:D

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    meh, i woke up this mornig at 4 because of a car alarm that\'s...going off... again...... so i was in a piss mood...still am. I found the whole thing insulting.

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    Default You\'ve got a point....

    Whereas, I am showered and on my second cup of coffee....I think I would have shared your perspective however, in your circumstances:flip:

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    Well it wasn\'t the fact that he thought he had been wasting his own life, fair enough, and maybe he was. It was the fact that he put down this hobby of ours so much that it seemed like he was saying that ALL of us are wasting our time, and that CMoN is a place of losers.

    Whereas, I am showered and on my second cup of coffee
    Well, it\'s like quarter to 11, and I\'m still not showered yet, but I have had a couple of cups of coffee ;)

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    Okay all, calm down. Mr Yao is, by his own admission, a child. We should expect him to be childish and not understand what we adults (and more well-adjusted minors) see in all this.

    He\'s obviously at that age. He\'s started noticing girls and probably spends far too much time in the toilet.

    Pretty soon he\'ll get to the actively pursuing girls bit to the exclusion of most other things (beyond the obligatory severe mood swings and acne).

    Beyond that he\'ll probably discover...alcohol. Being dared by all his mates to take a sip of beer. He may also smoke some cigarettes because he\'s \'that hard\'.

    Maybe even smoke a joint.

    Eventually, beyond all this he may just about get to the next important stage in life. He may \'grow up\'.

    Grown up, to me, is the part where you realise that beer, women and hobbies aren\'t either/or situations and you can, in fact, do all of the above. And that\'s normal.

    It becomes especially important when he has reached the point where he finally discovers that life is tough and that you need an escape.

    So, give the child some slack and let him live in his cosy little highschool world for a few more years knowing how superior his view is before life eats him for breakfast like the rest of us ;)

    Steve B

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    Let the little guy have his say, dump his hobby, and become a workaholic or whatever it is he wants to do to inflate his ego. When he\'s middle aged, burnt out, stressed, and suffering with a heart condition he might just pick up his brushes again and relax into a bit of painting.


    On the other hand he does have a point (sort of). It\'s very easy to get caught up in painting your latest army or whatever it is you\'re working on to the detriment of other things. I\'m sure we\'ve all shut ourselves away for a weekend and done nothing but paint. Hell, that\'s what I do all damn week! It\'s a bit different when it\'s your livelihood though, but occasionally it can get you down a bit when you realise you\'ve been stuck in the house all week and you\'ve hardly been further than the end of the road you live on. Maybe young Yao was just having one of those days?!

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    Don\'t let the door hit you on the way out. Because I don\'t want assprints on our door.

    :D OK, I always wanted to say that ;) Now to be serious: Why are you so mean to him? He obviously suffers a psychic instability, a kind of fear, something like a midlife-crisis (the hobby psychologist speaks again;)). I am sure he meant no harm or offense, he just forgot what fascinated him when he began this hobby.
    Let\'s be honest. I myself don\'t know what I like about painting minis. Can\'t be the recognition because my minis suck, and it can\'t be the gaming because I also paint minis that I do not play with. I don\'t know what I like about it, but I DO like it. And he is absolutely right, the hobby is thought about with the prejudice of the lonely, unclean, unpleasant virgin, just as PC gaming is looked at with prejudice of all ego-shooter players being psychos that just plan to run amok in some mall or school.
    And frankly, those people can suck my socks. What do I care how idiots view me?
    He is right in practically all points. This hobby is expensive, but the \"crap\"-bit could be thought over ;)

    Well, don\'t let me start to rant. If you don\'t want to pursue this hobby anymore, Mr.Yao, then don\'t. It may be more worthwhile for you to fill in the role of being looked upon as an anal retentive athlete who runs in circles and takes up a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken because he can\'t do anything besides sport. Why would you want to spend time and money on such a crappy thing? Stereotype time over, now YOU think about it, we already did :P

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