Well, after being a long term lurker I thought it was finally time to start a WIP thread on this new fangled internets. Been painting for quite a while but took a very long sabatical due to moving countries (as you do) but was very pleasantly suprised on christmas day with a bevy of miniatures. So, first up Archaon the Everchosen. Where to start? The fantastic detail of this new finecast stuff? Maybe. Though perhaps it would be better to start with the massive gaps and airbubbles that seemed to be present in this. Spent about 2 - 3 hours cleaning the mini up (getting rid of flash, mould lines etc.) and filling in holes with green stuff.

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So anyway, in all seriousness, this finecast stuff is pretty good, better than the old metals in my estimation - I hope that they sort out the casting issues but the experience certainly wouldn't put me off getting another.

Anyway, after priming and undercoating I decided I'd go for the whole pale horse aspect rather than the official colours and would also take a stab at NMM (tested on his gauntlet, not so sure of the effect atm).

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Anyway, ramble at an end for now, I'll upload some more photos probably tomorrow, though work keeps me pretty busy (doesn't it everyone?).

Oh, and Happy New Year to all!