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    Epic (Dave) I thank you so so much for 1) the progress you ease on the ork and thank you totally for believing in me and my mission to have students and very talented aspiring artists and have them reach euphoria by knowing they damn well can paint as good as anybody and that now there is a pure methodical ideological step by step process in miniature painting. And the more people listen and push themselves to do a few things differently the quicker they'll see wonderful results. As Dave from epic mini art has done.

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    As for the handle the rule if thumb is as followed 1/light 1/dark so the gloves are light so the hammer handle can be dark brown like the coat or black dark red etc.

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    Thanks BAM, think I'll try a dark red to bring some more colour to the piece. Hope to get some more work done on it today.

    Epic: Yep, it's great to have people like BAM around to give advice on technique and suggest further research. I've looked into getting that book but I can't find anyone that stocks it online here in China: they all have to import it which takes between 2 - 6 weeks. It's on order but I've got an annoyingly long wait before it arrives.

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    Default The White Dwarf

    So, spent about an hour this morning on the base - most of it pondering what to do. In the end I settled for marble with inset copper. Rather than do just a single colour I decided to have a go with black marble as this is something I've not tried before. I pretty pleased with how it came out, though I need to re-do the wings, or at least tidy them up as the verdigris got a little out of control there.

    Name:  2015 02 01 The White Dwarf 03.jpg
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    Anyway, let me know what you think!

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    That is very nice work. So simple and subtle Maybe a few very light veins to the marble to give it some character.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    Yes increase the marble veins, more variations in color contrast, more highlight.
    I agree with you the oxidation on the wings (or blades) is bit too much I would remove some, quite easy if you used pigments.

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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions all: I'll be enacting them when I get a chance to paint - works keeping me nice and busy at the moment.

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    your marble is coming along nicely I used to airbrush a marble effect a lot and the effect was pulled off when you use multiple layers to give the illusion of depth


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    Default The White Dwarf

    Not much more done in the way of painting but I have finally got my main camera back up and running so thought I'd get a few pics that show the colours closer to 'life' and not adjusted by the phone.

    Name:  2015 02 08 The White Dwarf 01.jpg
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Size:  162.0 KBName:  2015 02 08 The White Dwarf 03.jpg
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    Still a little fuzzy in places - really need to get my eyes checked again

    Made a start on the coffin for the base as well, but have still to tackle the over-verdigrised wings.

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    Nice work, good sense of motion
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    It's going very nicely here. The bears needs some more shading I think.

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    Yeah, I'm trying to do a white beard from blonde rather than grey and I'm struggling to add depth at the moment. Don't want to make it too yellow.

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    rather than yellow.. I'd be tempted to use a dull yellow orange to shade it... take a little yellow-orange, mix some white in and then mix a hint of blue-violet in (the blue-violet is to dull the yellow-orange but it will still remain light) and make a wash out of that, you can go progressively darker to give it the depth and I believe it will look like aged blonde hair in the end. give it a go on a test piece and see if you like the result, but that is the direction I'd be tempted to go in or just listen to BAM lol

    Edit - I ment Blue-violet not red-violet
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    A little bit agrax earthshade maybe, thinned of course.

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    Hey Quiarcus, here is how I make my wet palette:

    Take a mantic box discard what's inside

    and cut it in half like this

    Put masking tape on the outside corners that are open like this

    Then seal with super glue inside

    Then take any all purpose cloth and cut it to fit in

    Then poor water on the cloth until you get it all nicely wet

    Cut a piece of baking paper and put i on top

    Here you go have fun playing with you colors, take a break, go pee, wife calling anything get you away from your palette put the top on take a hike, go sleep come back take your top off put a drop of water in your paints mix em and you can continue like nothing happened.

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    Nice table, did you make it yourself?
    Thee marble looks good, its not easy to make. For more depth you can use satin varnish ( Gloss is a bit strong.) and apply it only on the dark area leaving the lines matt.
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    Hey guys, thanks for all of the advice! I'm hoping to get some brush time tonight to make changes, hopefully I'll get the beard done.

    Teronus: Thanks for that, so simple - I've got to find a tray of some kind and give it a go

    GreenOne: The table is actually part of the model. It's the White Dwarf subscription special - though if you look around over here you can find them for sale without the subscription. That's a good idea with the varnish - I've got to pick some satin up anyway.

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    Default Bloab Rotspawn

    Wow time slips bye fast!

    Well, it's Spring Festival now over here in merry old China so that means plenty of painting time - minus of course the family get together's and other general merriment.

    So, as I sat at my painting desk this fine sunny morning I had half an inclination to continue with my White Dwarf whom sits there teasing me at present with lack of progress (shhh you, i'll get too you soon!), but another project distracted me with the promise of using my new airbrush. Now, air-brushing is not something I have any experience with so I thought I'd stock up on some tutorial videos from good old Youtube and then give it a go.

    First I tried my cheapo airbrush and the experience was....vexing to say the least for a variety of reasons, but primarily due to it's annoying habit of spitting. Frustrated I decided to give the other brush a chance and broke out the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity. The difference was remarkable. Without changing the way I was thinning the paints, the Infinity gave smooth, clean results and didn't block or spit once throughout the entirety of the mornings work. I guess that's the difference between a £10 airbrush and a £100+ airbrush.

    So, the target of my tender ministrations this morning? Bloab Rotspawn, one of the three Maggoth riders from the End Times. He makes a suitable first subject in my eyes due to his size. I've used Vallejo airbrush paints throughout (further thinning them with airbrush thinner 1:1, 1:2).

    Name:  2015 02 18 Bloab Rotspawn 01.jpg
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    I started off with a 3:2 mix of Armour Brown and Dark Sea Green, before highlighting with 1:1 mix of Green Brown and Dark Sea Green, and then adding a little Flat Flesh to the mix. I then sprayed a thinned down Athonian Camoshade into the shadows and reinforced the highlights with Flat Flesh, and then 1:1 Flat Flesh/Light Flesh. Throughout I was impressed with the amount of control afforded by the Infinity, and was most impressed with how easy it was to clean once I'd finished using it (though I will have to invest in some cotton buds as the other half has locked hers away )

    In in all, the experience was pretty good and I think the initial results are promising for the amount of time invested (maybe 20 - 30 minutes). I've since moved onto inking and glazing the head (as shown in the picture) and am liking the direction the beast is moving in.

    Stay tuned for more updates (and better pictures with any luck), hopefully tomorrow but certainly later this week on both this project and the White Dwarf (and maybe, just maybe the Exalted Chariot).

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    what a great start Qui, looking forward to seeing this progress


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    Default Bloab Rotspawn

    Well, been a crazy holiday so far: lots of family events and meals with friends to celebrate the new year.

    Still, managed to get a little bit of work done on the Maggoth, not as much as I'd like but not bad:

    Name:  2015 02 21 Bloab Rotspawn 01.jpg
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Size:  260.8 KBName:  2015 02 21 Bloab Rotspawn 02.jpg
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    Have lots of smoothing to do, especially on the spots but I'm liking the general direction. Not sure what I'm going to do with the teeth and horns at this point, or the tubes that lead from the sack under his jowls: I don't want them to stand out too much.

    Anyway, let me know what you think.

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