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    Good start very interesting colors.
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    Post So, been a while...

    Wow, how time flies - seems like forever since I lasted visited this site (indeed, seems it's been about 2 years - yikes!) but life takes it's toll i suppose. I've been unable to invest any real amount of time into the hobby for a long time, with work dominating for the most part, but also some personal stuff taking priority. I've been painting the whole time, but not with any real enthusiasm - mainly just a distraction.

    Sure, I've churned out quite a few minis, but nothing I'm particularly proud of, but I'd like that to change. With this in mind, I picked up this little fellow and painted him over the weekend:

    Name:  2017 05 Arkanaut Admiral small.jpg
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    Wasn't trying for anything amazing, just trying out an idea I had and trying to get back into doing better brush work in general. I've allowed myself to get pretty sloppy, and I think it still shows on this piece.

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    Default Aleguzzler

    Well, dug into my next project (have plenty on the go, but can seem to tie myself to anything at present) and made a start on the skin of this handsome fellow:

    Name:  aleguzzler20170524x1.jpg
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    With the whole Age of Sigmar re-branding i thought it appropriate to give him a particularly rosy glow to his face. I'm enjoying the work so far, and have got the face to a point where I'm happy with it for now, and have started blocking in the colours for the torso. One thing I didn't realise is just how messy my brush strokes have got: really need to work on that!

    The skin on the body is super rough at the moment, and taking the photo face on is a little misleading as the figure has quite a lean to it.

    Name:  aleguzzler20170524x2.jpg
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    Any ho, feel free to leave any comments, criticisms, all that fun stuff.

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    Default Storm Wardens

    Ahh! Summer is a pain in the neck! Was hoping I would have some time to really dig into to some projects, but alas it's not to be. So, in the mean time I manged to steal a few hours over the past week (between work and family life) and made a start on the new Primaris marines (what's the bet that the old marines get phased out in a few years?), and boy, do I love them! They feel like marines should have all this time!

    Tried some different colours to my normal palette and played around with different basing materials, and so far am quite happy with how things are going!

    Name:  20170716_StWr_Command_02.jpg
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    Still a little bit of finishing work here and there, but they are nearly table top ready!

    As always, comments, criticisms, advice, all that fun stuff is always welcome!
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    Looking good. Not much to comment on.

    Yeah, the Primares are a nice addition to the range. I sure hope they don't phase out the old marines too fast.
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    Looking good! Colour scheme is very nice! I'd recommend increasing the contrast of the highlights, and shadows and possibly run a wash over the chest eagles - aside from that they're looking really nice!

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    Some pretty sexy primaris marines going on there. Extra points for them being storm wardens too, angry scottish space marines are the way forward!

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    ​like those primaris makes me want to jump into mine!
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    Thanks guys, I've made a little more progress but nothing worth posting. Also, @Foxtail, I wasn't aware the Storm Wardens were an already established chapter, guess I should do some due diligence next time I make one.

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    That explains the difference in colour scheme!

    Name:  IMG_4503.jpg
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    A pretty cool chapter really. I do like the grey and beige on yours though.

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    Huh, those are pretty cool. Though I'm trying to move away from the whole "ooohhh, look at us, we're soooo mysterious..." schtick that a lot of chapters seem to have acquired these days. My guys are just straight up Primaris marines, newly founded chapter that have kinda been forgotten about. They were meant to be going to the front line, but some bureaucrat wanted his garden world protected, and a couple of key stroke later - boom - chapter world reassigned (though it remains a mystery to this day where the chapter went, the paper trail is so long and convoluted that it would make a Vogon weep).

    Still, have to rename them now Storm Lords? Tempest Guard? Typhoon Watch? Tropical Thunder...

    Meh! I'll think of something.

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    Storm Lords also exist:
    Name:  Storm_Lords_Devastator.jpg
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    Tempest Guard sounds very cool actually.
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    I like what you've done with the marines. Your painting of them reminds me of a lot of infinity units you see on here. Come to think of it, Primaris marines look a bit more like like infinity models, don't they...

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    Very nice. I created a back story for the Chapter of Ultramarines I used to play, where this particular Chapter was gifted to the Adeptus Mechanicus, and over the centuries they were influenced by the Mechanicus customs, such as the more mechanical you become the closer to the Emperor you are. So as they move up through the Ranks their armor becomes more gold and as they are wounded bits of them are replaced with gold mechanical modifications. I also ran an army heavy with dreadnoughts and drop pods. I need to get back to painting my old models, but now that the Primaris models have come out I feel less love for the old models.

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    Default Tempest Guard

    @Meph: Gosh darn, are all the names taken! Still, I was drifting towards Tempest Guard anyway so no great problem (until someone tells me THEY already exist).

    @SaintToad: Thanks. I think the fact that the Primaris are closer to what is meant to be the true scale of a Space Marine has a massive effect on them. The shoulder pads look a lot less ridiculous and the proportions look more realistic, which I guess brings them in line with the general Infinity sculpt. Speaking of which, I really must pick some of those up, never painted one.

    @Guawol: That's a pretty cool idea Guawol. Do you have any pictures of them on the site? I was tempted to do my Librarian in gold armour - something about them being closer to the Emperor - so would love to see your take on gold marines.

    Well, managed to make some progress on these guys, though for the life of me I just could not get them to photograph (I blame the phone camera :P), so you'll have to excuse the poor pictures.

    Name:  20170722_TW_Cap.jpg
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    Not much work on the captain (my least favourite of the bunch if I'm honest): sharpened some of the edge highlights and finished the purity seals - not that you can see them in this photo. Worked a little more on the puddle he's in, building up the ripples and the splash.

    Name:  20170722_TW_Lt1.jpg
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    The Lt. 1 had a few shadows deepened in the recesses and some of the highlights brought up. I added some more grass to his base and finished off a few minor details.

    Name:  20170722_TW_Lt2.jpg
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    The Lt. 2 received a similar treatment to Lt. 1 and had his base covered in vegetation.

    Name:  20170722_TW_Anc.jpg
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    Finally the Ancient had his banner worked on (it currently looks a little odd as it has a satin varnish which seems to have set a little on the glossy side), and looking at it now I can see quite a bit that still needs touching up. The wood grain on the pole is completely flattened here, but is more detailed in real life (not amazing, but it certainly looks different to this photo). I really wish GW wouldn't sculpt their banners, it's really restricting in what you do with them and I personally think it looks weird having these skulls and wreaths emerging from what is supposed to be a cloth banner. Oh well. Anyway, I have to work on the wreath some more and the scroll work. Still enjoying the model though. Like the others he got some more work done on his base.

    I'm nearly done with these guys for the time being, but will return to them once the rest of the set is painted to balance out and unify the army.

    As always, comments and critiques more than welcome, and apologies for the terrible phone pics. On a side note, the gold looks really flat here, and I think that it has something to do with the high gloss varnish that I applied to the metal sections; it's actually what Vallejo term a 'Metal Varnish' and looks great in real life but doesn't seem to photograph well (with a phone at least).
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    Great job on these guys!!!

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    Default Tempest Guard - Intercessor squad 1

    Made a start on the first of the Primaris Intercessor squads today. Where as the others were primarily painted using a brush, I'm doing the principal work on the squads with an airbrush:

    Name:  20170723_TG_Int1x1.jpg
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    The primer has acted up in a few places for some reason - the vallejo stuff has been a little hit and miss of late, for me at least - but I'm reasonably happy with the results. A few glazes and washes should smooth out the shoulder pads nicely, and the addition of the red boundary line should get rid of the mask mark.

    Actually, thinking about the primer I wonder if it's reacting strangely with the mig acrylics - I mean it shouldn't but *shrug*, don't know why it would start acting up now.

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    Looking good! The Vallejo and the Mig are both water based acrylics yeah? Shouldn't be an issue at all.

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    Yeah, they're both water based. The Mig's are the only thing I've changed to using recently, but i think it more likely just a bad batch of primer. Oh well, guess that one goes in the bin and I hope the next one is better.

    As far as primers go, what do you guy's use? I've always used Vallejo (well, except a dalliance with GW's Smelly Primer way back in the day) - maybe it's time to spread out a bit?

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    Used to use Vallejo grey spray primer before I started airbrushing. Never had any particular issues with it.
    What exactly is going wrong with the primer coat? And how long are you leaving them to dry before you start painting?

    Primaris look sexy by the way

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