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    yeah, really cool unit
    ...keep talking
    Forever remains


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    Default Dark Vengeance: SM Bikers

    Made a start on these guys last night and managed to get the base-coat and the metal on the engines/exhaust sorted. Also started work on the handlebar assembly and attached arms.

    Name:  SMBikesx20121017.jpg
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    Default Dark Vengeance: Helbrute

    Well, hit a bit of a stumbling block with the loyalist marines. You see, I use Dheneb Stone as the base for the cream coloured sections of their armour and as we all know GW no longer produces that paint. The recommended replacement - Rakarth Flesh - is too grey to be used, in fact the two paints are completely different shades. Oh well. So no I'm in a quandary: do i find a new way to replicate the colour or do I replace it entirely? This little stumbling block really put a damper on my painting spirit (hence the lack of updates). Anyway, while I ponder away, I decided to make a start on the largest model in the DV box set: the Helbrute.

    Name:  dvhelbrutex20121114x02.jpg
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Size:  245.0 KBName:  dvhelbrutex20121114x01.jpg
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    The base colour, incidentally, is Rakarth Flesh just to give you an idea of how different it is to Dheneb Stone.

    So far, quite happy with how things are turning out. I've yet to highlight the flesh but I think I'm going to push the shadows a little more first, try and get it to near black in the furthest recesses as contrast is something I've struggled with in the past.

    Any C&C are welcome (or any ideas for changes to the loyalist colour scheme!)

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    Default Tempus fugit

    Well, how time flies when you're working! Can't believe it's been 10 or so months since my last post in this thread, but as I'm sure many can relate work sometimes leaves little time to pick up the brushes.

    I'm hoping that things will change and that I can get back into a more regular painting pattern; I doubt I'll get to display standard but I do hope to at least get some table worthy mini's.

    So, picking up where we left off (or pretty close to anyway) here is one of the bikers at a near finished state:

    Name:  dvsmbike20130925x01.jpg
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Size:  127.6 KBName:  dvsmbike20130925x02.jpg
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    I've also made a start on the Chaplain that came with the Dark Vengeance box set:

    Name:  dvsmchaplain20130925x01.jpg
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    Sadly there was a slight accident involving some superglue, a cat, and the chaplain early on that's left some patterning on the front side of the cape. With any luck I'm going to paint it up as some damage, but we'll see how it goes.

    Let me know what you think.
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    Made a little bit more progress on the chaplain (apologies for the mobile phone camera pics) and am generally happy with how things are going at the moment. Might be able to get some more paint time in this evening with any luck
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    Nice save on the super glue incident! That is some creative thinking right there.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    Thanks Zab! It was one of those things I was dreading doing because I didn't really know how to approach it. Turned out to be far, far easier than I had anticipated and I'm actually quite happy with the result. Certainly better than the alternative (covering it in thicker paint or varnish). Anyway, managed to sneak in a bit of painting last night and got through most of the golds and onto the other metallics:

    Name:  dvsmchaplain20130928x01.jpg
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    Then this morning before work I managed to clear a large chunk of the base out of the way. A quick and dirty marble effect and some static grass (complete with still drying glue) should suffice for the table top! Still not finished, got to work on the grey bits and some metal poles but nearly done.

    Name:  dvsmchaplain20130928x02.jpg
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    I have to say I'm really enjoying painting this guy: there's something cathartic about knowing that it doesn't have to be display quality and I think I'm having more fun because of it!

    On another note I've started using some Vallejo products (two silvers, a turquoise, and a thinner and primer) and am finding them to be quite useful: the dropper bottles are a godsend and make a lot more sense than the GW ones. It also helps as the latest GW paints have had the nasty habit of drying quickly in their bottles - I think it has something to do with the climate here but several of them (about 6 out of the 9 I've purchased) have nearly dried without seeing a great deal of use. I'm going to have to mix in some distilled water or some thinner to save them soon. :/

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    Had a chance to grab the brushes and made good progress on the chaplain: happy with how he's turning out at present. Should be able to finish him quite soon with any luck!
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    Well, I managed to finish off the chaplain today. I'm quite happy with how he turned out - admittedly not my best work but for a tabletop mini I think it's come out quite well:

    Name:  dvsmchaplain20131002x01.jpg
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    It's actually a fun miniature to pain; plenty of detail on him but not enough to become overwhelming or tedious.

    I also found time to finish of the base of my Chaos lord who has been waiting far too long to be finished:

    Name:  chaoslord20131002x01.jpg
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    Now, onto the rest of the Dark Vengeance box - must finish those bikers...

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    Looks great, good luck with DV I am slowly working my way through it with lots of breaks in between each unit - the chosen were a nightmare of detail on top of detail. I almost quit.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    Default Paint Station

    Well, just thought I'd dump a quick snapshot of my paint station here to show what pieces I'm working on at the moment. True to my last post I've made a start on some more Dark Vengeance minis: I've primed and started on five of the tac squad while the other five wait patiently in the background (along with those darn bikes - just can't seem to get my enthusiasm up to finish them). Also on display is my near complete demon chicken...thing.

    Name:  inprogressx20131004.jpg
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    The tac squad is coming along okay, with the reds one or two applications away from completion and the bone colour having been started. Still, I've gone and made the same mistake I always make with Space Marines and that is to attach the backpack before painting the body. Ah well, always next time!

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    Default Something gruesome this way comes

    Well while the tac's have come along okay (5 done, 5 to go - work is a pain) I felt I needed to do something a little different for a while (power armour is a bit of a drag). So here comes my current project, and what a lovely smile he has!

    Name:  festus20131204x01.jpg
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    Decided I'm going to take my time with him and try and home my glazing skills as well as try to improve my general painting level (which I feel has stagnated somewhat for quite a while now). I have to say that so far I am really loving this model: there is a lot of detail on him to cover and I really like the feel of the whole piece. It's certainly one of GW's better minis in my opinion. Anyway so far I've nearly finished with the head (teeth need to be done) and will move onto the upper body soon.

    Let me know what you think and some constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

    (And appologies in advance for the quality of the picture: it was very noisy and I had to try and remove some of that noise without ruining the photo too much. I'll try for better next time!)

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    Managed to snatch a little more time to work on Festus. I'm still really enjoying this model: lots of details but not an overwhelming amount and a suprising amount of variety when you take into account his pack and staff (both of which I've yet to start). So far I've done his head (though I may revisit it later) and have moved onto his chest and apron. I'm quite proud of the leather apron as it actually started life a Tallarn Flesh and was then washed and glazed to it's current state with a variety of browns, greens, reds, and purples. I may go a little darker in places but want to finish the rest of the model before adjusting contrasts too much.

    Name:  festus20131205x01.jpg
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    (Sorry for the mobile phone picture: though the highlight is very bright the majority of the colours are close to reality) I'm taking a great deal of delight in the colour palette (even if google now thinks I have some sort of morbid fascination with death, decay, and bubose) and I can now appreciate why so many people choose to paint Nurgle models. I'm even eyeing up that Forgeworld Greater Daemon - well, Christmas is just around the corner afterall!

    Let me know what you think!
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    Managed to get some more time and have nearly finished the arms and have started a little work on the legs. Not sure at the moment what colour to do the staff; guess I'm going to have to do some research into rotten wood. Also going to have to do some research into leeches to get some colour ideas. Yay?

    Name:  festus20131208x01.jpg
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Size:  132.8 KB

    He really is quite a repugnant entity, even more so when you add his cadaver filled backpack/digestive system into the mix and the mini-diorama like forground details. Still should be interesting to see how he ends up.

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    Nearly finished the flesh - had a blast doing his legs - and feel that he's coming together quite nicely!

    Name:  festus20131208x02.jpg
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Size:  258.2 KBName:  festus20131208x03.jpg
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Size:  237.9 KB

    Pictures are a little overblown, but that's what you get for using a mobile phone I guess. Got some smoothing of the transitions to do around some of the pustules still - especially on his back - and still have to do his exposed spinal cord but really liking where he's going .

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    Well, a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    So, no progress since last time on Festus, but this is largely due to a winter season influx of distractions. All models are being done to approximately tabletop standard. First on the list:

    An Imperial Griffon. Fun little model, quite a bit of detail and some nice options in the kit.

    Name:  imperialgrif20140107x01.jpg
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Size:  280.9 KB

    (Grrr...just noticed the seam and the runes on the sword) The sword is supposed to be obsidian, but the white gleam is badly applied and has to be re-done.

    Name:  imperialgrif20140107x02.jpg
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Size:  283.3 KB

    Name:  imperialgrif20140107x03.jpg
Views: 245
Size:  314.0 KB

    Name:  imperialgrif20140107x04.jpg
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Size:  290.3 KB

    Even though this is a tt piece, I was quite pleased with how the gold turned out as it is my first attempt at gold without using said colour. Instead I built the gold up over a silver base using a variety of washes.

    Next is a Sigmarite priest from Forgeworld:

    Name:  empsigmarpriest20140107x01.jpg
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Size:  261.9 KB

    It's a nicely posed model I think and I'm certainly having fun painting it.

    Penultimate is part of a larger model and is very much in the planning phase - just a colour test really:

    Name:  bloodwrack20140107x01.jpg
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Size:  338.9 KB

    The stone on the base is made from a piece of bark and is a first for me.

    Finally a little bit of a resurrection (appropriately enough): having languished in my cupboard of shame for a while I dug up this old beast:

    Name:  vcdrag20140107x01.jpg
Views: 246
Size:  318.4 KB

    Name:  vcdrag20140107x02.jpg
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Size:  312.0 KB

    Well, apologies for the wall of pics, but any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    The gleam on the sword doesn't need to be redone just tidy it up with the black. Who's the snake lady?
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    Hi Zab: The snake lady is the Bloodwrack Medusa from the GW Cauldron of Blood kit. It's a real shame you can't get her separately as she's actually quite a nice figure.

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    ~sigh~ That's how they get you
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    Default 2014 Completion

    Well, a year and a few days since my last post - that's quite the break! Had a moderately successful year in terms of painting and managed to finish quite a few models to varying degrees of skill (not pictured is the majority of the figures from Descent 2nd edition that I painted to an acceptable level).

    Name:  2015 01 12 2014 list.jpg
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Size:  734.8 KB

    Sadly my Canon has, for now, given up the ghost and so I am restricted to my phone's rather lackluster camera (apologies for that). So, what did I enjoy? Festus has been a blast (and he's still not finished), and has served as a project I have returned to time and again when I've wanted to put some more skill into my brush work. I also greatly enjoyed the two Skaven models: the Doomwheel and the Helpit Abomination. The former gave me a great opportunity for painting aged metal and wood, and the latter gave me copious amounts of flesh to work on. The last model of the year was Nagash - a passion peace as I owned the original when it was first released (and boy is the new version an improvement on that grinning mockery of a model) - that is still not quite finished. It's a great model in my opinion though a swine to paint with fading paintbrushes, but perseverance has brought me close to completing him (just gem stones and a few straps to do), just in time for my Christmas haul:

    Name:  2015 01 12 Xmas haul.jpg
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Size:  265.4 KB

    Now, not too extravagant but it did lead me to comment in passing to my lovely wife that I would need new brushes. A few days ago this turned up for me:

    Name:  2015 01 12 Brushes.jpg
Views: 182
Size:  384.5 KB

    This was quite a lovely surprise and is going to give me lots to play with over the next weeks/months! That said, any pointers for an airbrush neophyte?

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