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    Hi All,
    I have a bunch of Rackham Confrontation metals that I'm wanting to sell (including, probably, my Dragon Titan of Aarklash) and I'm wondering what the best venue is to sell them right now. I've bought and sold on Ebay in the past, as well as Bartertown, but I'm asking because it has been awhile and I'm not sure what the current trends are. Are Rackham metals still selling well and for good prices? Is January a good (Christmas money?) or bad (broke from Christmas shopping?) time to sell? Or should I wait for a couple months? Etc. I'm needing the money (not immediately, but it would be very helpful sometime this winter or spring) and want to get as much as I can for these. They're mainly NIB but I've also got a bunch of assembled but unpainted figures.


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    There's a few of us on the CMON forums that still would love got get a shot at them. Feel free to PM me a list of your collection. Bartertown is always hit or miss, and the confederation of the red Dragon is still out there... somewhere...

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    I would love to get a shot at any of the Oriental Goblins you have and maybe any Mongol Orcs/ogres. PM a list and I will try to
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    I'm looking for the Mid-Nor Clan. If you have them, PM me with a price

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    Do you have Isabeau, Ejhin or Kelian durak? :-)
    Put a list here, someone could be interested! ^_^

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    Hi folks, I apologize for dropping out of this thread. I'm going to post a list of stuff I want to sell, and then probably put it all on Ebay. Look for a list within the next few days.


    p.s. For those looking for Mid-Nor, I don't have much, as far as I can remember. I have the Incubuses and the Demon Tower (is that Mid-Nor?), but that might be it. Maybe one or two individual blisters.

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    feel free to send me a list of what you have. I collect the Rackham Wolfen and I am interested in dragons as well. Let me know what prices you are looking for as well =)

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    I'd also like to take a look at what you're selling, especially if you have Dirz or Griffin stuff.
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    Ok gonna pee people off a little. Dont PM people your lists. Post it publically, have a price in mind but if your looking to capitalize invite offers. If you think they are good, then accept.

    It will possibly be the best way to get a good price. Ebay as you know is hit and miss. There a couple of Forums that like the Rackham stuff especially.

    The UKCORD. http://www.conf-federation.org.uk/forum
    The Dragon Painting forum. http://www.dragonpainting.net/

    Only thing is on both forums to agree with the trade rules you have put up prices and invite haggling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alchemist View Post
    Hi folks, I apologize for dropping out of this thread. I'm going to post a list of stuff I want to sell, and then probably put it all on Ebay. Look for a list within the next few days.
    Are you still planning on posting again?

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    OK, I've just spent an hour compiling a list of blisters. I have a bunch more loose and assembled stuff that I'm going to go through and put up when I get a chance. What I'm probably going to do is put everything on Ebay, but wanted to list it here first, in case someone makes me an offer I can't refuse.

    This may seem unfair, but at this point I reserve the right to not self anything for any price. I plan on going through all of this stuff blister by blister and keeping my very favorites, but have been promising this list for awhile now so I wanted to get the party started, so bear with me! Also, unless I get an offer I can't refuse I'm probably going to go the Ebay route because I've been pretty successful there in the past.

    Anyhow, below is what I have in blisters or boxes. Unless it says otherwise, assume that everything is NIB (new in blister) - or almost new; some of the blisters are a bit crunched but as far as I could tell, all of the metal looks good. There are a few that have been opened, a few that don't have cards (although I have a binder with cards somewhere that might have them), and a few that have French cards but would still be usable in game play. Most of the boxes have been opened but are all complete and generally with cards. If you end up purchasing anything, I will double-check before you send me money to make sure everything is there, and I'll look to see if I have the cards elsewhere.

    As I said, I also have a ton of stuff that is loose or assembled - please let me know if there is something that you are looking for that is not listed.

    Again, I'm not definitely selling everything on this list, although I will be selling most of it. This is just what I have and probably will sell and I can't take the time right this moment to decide what I want to keep. Feel free to make offers! And serious offers only; I am fully aware that many of these are collectibles and quite rare - I've bought and sold Confrontation figures in the past, just not since last summer and mainly a few years ago.

    Finally, I will ship overseas (you'd have to pay shipping), although prefer within the US. Thanks!

    Demon Tower box
    Master Sulfur box
    War Troll
    Kobalt the Caustic

    Cyclops box
    Incubuses of Despot box
    Kelzaral the Diabolical
    Chthonian Larva 1
    Chthonian Larva 2

    Mountain Warrior box
    Kael the Irascible
    Elghir the Resolute
    Bal-Torg the Elder
    Nerak the Bold
    Hirh-Karn the Enraged
    Kahinir the Savage
    Magnus the Mystical

    Mirvilis D’Allmoon box
    Misan the Clairvoyant
    Aldenyss the Quiet
    Sardar Tillius, the Sage
    Royal Standard Bearer
    Pythia d’Azel (French)

    Le Cardinal Aerth box
    Templar War-Staff box
    Arkhos, Templar Commander
    Sered, Templar Commander
    Melkion the Flaming
    Chaplain of the Temple
    Cairn the Apostle
    Thallions 1
    Saphon the Purificator

    Asadar 2 (no card)
    Nova Construct 1

    Killyox box
    Repentant (French)
    Le Veilleur (French)

    Apostates of Tenebraes box
    Ophidian Warrior

    Skeleton Spearmen
    Chagall, the Dog of Darkness
    Dwarf Zombies
    Gargoyle 1 (French)
    Cerberus (French)
    Ghouls of Acheron 2

    Kassalis Venin (no card)
    Dasyatis Clone 1
    Tiger of Dirz 2
    Tiger of Dirz 3

    Warriors of Stone box
    Warriors of the Wind
    Warriors of the Wind
    Orc Brutes
    Amok Slayers 1
    Jackhal Warriors with Sword
    Jackal Warriors with Mace
    Mystic of the Behemoth
    Tumahk, Voice of the Wind
    Brontops Rider 1
    Auroch the Hornblower
    Tork the Animal
    Mystic Warrior 1
    Orcs with Crossbow
    Shaka Umruk
    Son of Thunder
    Chacal, Master of Rites (French)

    Shurat the Warlord box
    Kalyar the Awakened

    Spasm Warrior 1
    Sons of Ogmios 1
    Sons of Ogmios 2
    Enoch the Elementalist
    Koren the Chosen One
    Giant Barbarian
    Drac Mac Syro (French)

    Ardokath the Watchful One
    Damrahl, Drune Wyrd
    Drune Minotaur
    Gwahyr the Merciless

    Onental the Smuggler
    Dream Warrior

    Nurbald the Sculptor
    Khaurik’s Guard 3
    Vladar the Arrogant
    Brigand of Cadwe (French)
    Klute Militiamen


    Air Elemental
    Angels of Light

    Yes, this is the big resin guy (or gal?). It is in immaculate shape – unassembled and (I think) in the original box with bubble packaging. It also includes the original box sleeve, although I don’t have the cards. Serious offers only!

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    Thanks for all the interest (PMs). I'm going to update this list with pending sales, prices, and a whole ton of other stuff--loose and/or assembled stuff--this weekend, and then post it as a new thread here and at Bartertown. I'll probably leave it up and update it for a couple weeks before putting everything remaining on Ebay. Look for a new list and post on Saturday or Sunday!

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