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    Hunh... wondering if I should just start a single thread? Maybe that's what I'll do next time. Anyway this was a MaxMini head on a Dragon Forge base with Secret Weapon shell casings. I undid about two layers of highlights in some spots as it looked OTT to me and fought what I was going for with the dark and gritty look. Now... I wish I had left them in. Spent a lot of time on the metals on this mini as well. Please fire away any crit's you wish!

    and a close up of the klaw...

    And a votey link if you like...

    Thanks for looking gang!

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    Great work, esp on the metallics

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    Yes! I'm really loving your style, gritty earthy colors....and now spanky metals!

    My only crit would be that the eyes could use just a bit more highlight. They look a bit dull.

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    Great painting on a cool mini... Metal work is outstanding and I like the skin but I think the clothes are too close to the skin colour but it may be the photo flattening them.

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    Thanks guys! Squidders, yep the colours are a bit close. I decided I wanted to stick to the WWII colours (Or at least what my Flames of War painting charts tell me are the WWII colours) and it's not very contrasty I think. I did buy some Mexican themed Ork Heads which I look forward to doing up bright and zany style! Ayone know of some 32mm guitars so I can Mariachi these orks up?

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