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    The new snotlings don't detract from the focus points due to your careful placing, you've added to what could be less interesting areas, great job mate
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    Gotta love the snotlings!

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    i'm tempted to suggest having a couple dangle off the handle of the club.
    (it would have to be two in order to keep visual 'balance')
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    I like this work, full of life 8).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    Thanks all, some great ideas !
    Ive been messing all day, due to the size of the base i was limited but ive come up with this funny little scene.
    Also repainted teh snots in a more intense green to add to the cartoon look.

    Oh yes, this is spot on! I really love how you've added the snots. They bring just enough narative and humor without dominating (can a snotling dominate anything?) the composition.

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    I think this one is turning out to be absolutely amazing! It's full of narrative and humor! Best of all I think is the snotling dangling on the edge of the base! Just perfect!
    To things I'm noticing though:
    - First off the giants back looks a bit flat compared to the front (could be you're still working on it though?)
    - And secondly could you maybe show a 'detail' picture of the giants grip on the snotling? To me it looks a bit like the giants finger are holding on to 'nothing', they are griping just above the snotlings hand to me. Could be that the snotling is holding something though but I cannot really see that, so it looks a bit odd.

    Keep it coming though its absolutely a joy to see this one progress!
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    Perfect compromise, great placing of those little green peas! My fears are gone xD
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    Thanks all
    Mike I've tried with a few snots on the club when I was working on these ones, it was a little too much , like snotlng overload.

    Distortedme - yes and yes. Your correct , the back is still wip and it's also been bothering me about how the giant is holding the snotling. I will have a think on it
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    I love how you have added the two snotlings on the scene and how the green of them work with the reddish skin of the giant. I can't wait to see what are you going to do with the base.

    Many thanks,

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    Lmao, you got me laughing all morning ten. That poor snotling is asking for it hahaha. So great. Story and painting just purely awesome.
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    They've given just that extra interest this figure needed and they fit the feel of it perfectly. Are the snotlings mostly converted or even mostly sculpted to fit what you needed or did you just find the almost perfect poses to use?
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    Thanks all

    Scherdy - the snots are a mix of standard and converted minis.

    I joked once that painting a hand takes me 3 hours, well this one did!
    There are things that are still WIP in places but you get the idea.

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    I had almost forgotten about that guy... He is looking great!

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    How can you paint this upstanding lines? Very nice, Watson waiting for you!

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    I didn't forgot sherlock because the bag that wears the giant at one side reminded me its pattern and colours xP.
    Are you going to paint the ring in gold? (and if I can ask a vocabulary question... is the name of that kind of ring something like "stamp ring"??)
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    This company made me think of you my dude. Old school minis for sale:

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    Thanks all
    Maenas - yes its a stamp ring.
    Bloodfather - cheers mate, old school rocks!

    Finished Sherlock, now on to Watson.

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    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    awesome ten. Keep it up!
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    Great work, really great work....

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