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    Thanks all, more wip of the handsome fellow.

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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    The orcs turned out wonderfully, beyond top notch. And i don't have words to describe how that bust is coming along, beyond inspiring. and thanks for showing the under layers and how you're working it up, very good information that I'll have to work into my own. incredibly inspiring work!

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    the flesh is looking so good. all the tones and colour works so well. amazing work, really enjoying watch this slowly come to life
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    Master of the craft!!! Just the top tier and nothing less!!! All the time everytinr.

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    Love that bruised look you are giving to the skin! This is going to be amazing when it is complete, not that it isn't already

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    Looking awesome! That grey is indeed a good addition to skin tones, desaturates the "full on" pigmentation without just lightening it to brighter more vibrant shade =P Keep it up, pip pip!
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