Who makes these minis?
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Thread: Who makes these minis?

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    Default Who makes these minis?

    Who makes and carries (in the USA) these minis?

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    I don't know, but do like it. Hope we can find out!

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    This is mianiture by Portal Press form Poland (Europe).
    They do not have a shop but their distributor is REBEL.PL (http://www.rebelgames.eu)
    You could try mail them at: sales@rebel.pl

    This miniature is called Najemnik (Mercenary) and comes from Heroes for Neuroshima Tactics Game.
    http://www.rebel.pl/category.php/1,1...a-Tactics.html for more minis - just click on fraction symbol/name to see minis from this fraction

    Not sure if you can buy those minis from there, but there's one shop in my town that sells those minis too: vanaheim.pl you can mail them, they sell painted minis on ebay so I think there would be no problem for them to send it abroad.
    In other case PM me and I'll try to help you if both rebel games and vanaheim won't be willing to send to US&A


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