Fontaine Masterclass I - Sacramento, CA - 31-March
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Thread: Fontaine Masterclass I - Sacramento, CA - 31-March

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    Default Fontaine Masterclass I - Sacramento, CA - 31-March

    This is the official sign-up thread for the Mathieu Fontaine Masterclass I Sacramento, California on March 31-April 1.

    Secret Weapon Miniatures and Great Escape Games are binging Mathieu Fontaine back to Sacramento to teach his masterclass workshop. If you're one of the few that don't already know Mathieu's work here's a quick intro:

    17 golden demons including 7 golds including 1 in France and 1 in UK
    2 Best of Show Forgeworld
    Gold medals in advance/master at Chicago MMSI, Atlanta MFCA, Long Island LIHMCS and Paris Mix Open
    BOS Fantasy at Atlanta MFCA

    His work has been published in numerous WD both US and UK or France, as well as independent publications.

    He has taught this Masterclass more than a dozen times across the United States and Canada and has been teaching fully booked classes at Adepticon (2 years) and GENCON (3 years).

    I have personally attended the Masterclass I twice now and was impressed enough that I'm already bringing him out again.

    But now - on to the class description:


    This is an intensive class on painting figurines over 2 days. Every techniques and theoretical concepts are covered from the undercoat to perfect blending passing by zenithal lighting.

    The figurine will allow every student to have plenty of time to explore the principal areas of painting: clothing, skin, the face and metallics. In terms of theory, zenithal lighting, composition, color theory and base conception will be explored giving every students a complete understanding of the theoretical concepts to maximize the impact of his or her miniature.

    The class is over 2 intensive days, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday starts at 9 am and last until 9 pm and Sunday goes from 9am to 6 pm.

    The class is open to every level of painters. Whether you are holding a brush for the first time or you have painted hundreds of models for your armies everyone will benefit from this class. Each students will receive the same technical and theoretical information but the follow up is totally personalized and 1 on 1. Every student will be pushed to the maximum of his or her abilities in order to make sure that everyone get the maximum out of this experience. So whether you are an army painter that want to know how to have better results on its favorite model or you are the painter that dream about a Golden Demon this class is for you.


    The class has an ANTICIPATED cost of $100 to $120 per person.

    Why do I say "anticipated"? Because the more people we have the lower the cost per person will be. We'll cut off the registration at the end of February or as soon as each class has 20 people registered. The cost covers Mathieu's fee and the flight.

    Each student that registers for the workshop will also receive a Raphael 8404 #0 brush compliments of Secret Weapon Miniatures -- the brush that Mathieu recommends and will be demonstrating with during the workshops.

    If you would like to register for the workshop please do so here.

    You can email questions to [email]

    NOTE: There are 20 spots available and we are holding 10 spots for the shop hosting the event. That means that right now there are only TEN open spots. If the store doesn't sell all of their seats we will make them available in mid February.
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    We have 4 signed up now - so there's plenty of room to get in on this workshop. Sign up early to guarantee your place.

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    Count me in! Looking forward to it! Conrad

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    Gotcha. Thank you.

    We're half way to the number we need to guarantee the class happens - with more than two weeks to go before I book his flight. Easy peasy!

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    We are at 10/20 people signed up for the class -- which means I will be booking the flight in mid-February.

    If you're riding the fence now is the time to sign up!

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    The event is CONFIRMED!

    We're at 12/20 and I am officially collecting.

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    Just a quick bump.

    We're at 15/20 spots for the class -- and Mathieu's ticket has been booked.

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    Sometimes I wish I weren't on the East Coast

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    He has a class coming up in Chicago - and just finished one in Vancouver.

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