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    i use alot of black basecoats and my models come out dark, of course. and well i want to kno what u think of it,

    are dark or light basecoats better?
    the kid

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    I believe that this is about as close to a religious war in painting as you can get.

    white. :)


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    Default BLACK


    If you don\'t believe me...

    Watch out for the Cult of the Black Primer Spray :o

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    doesn\'t matter, both black and white undercoats can give right results, it;s all in the aplication of the paints.

    i use both, but have a tendency if a model has a lot of light areas, or has many gold areas, to prime the mini white. for the rest, I use black undercoat.

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    Black can be more forgiving in hiding errors, but takes a lot of care and attention to get tonality right.

    White can make for great subtle colour work but if you get air bubbles showing in your paint work, it\'s a buggar to put right.

    I know that Cerridwyn1st uses Grey as an undercoat to paint greens on, and I have used GW\'s Scorched Brown for the heads in my Faces & Expressions article. I\'ve seen JT-Y\'s works in progress and he uses Bestial Brown over Black as a secondary primer. Works well and gives some nice tones.

    But as Tammy says it\'s in the application of the paints, not the undercoat.

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    White every time.
    Then seperate basecoats (which I class as an undercoat) for each colour.
    Its all a matter of taste.White tastes much nicer than black,especially with a glass of cianty and some of fathers beans.
    th th th th t hhhhhthththththt.

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    Default Undercoating...

    I\'m a believer in white primer for my own miniatures, always. Even if the miniature is going to end up predominantly dark, I still prime white. After all the old Neil Hodgson (of \'Eavy Metal fame) saying \"You can always achieve a smooth black over white, but not always white over black.\"


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    I\'ve used black.

    I\'ve used white.

    I\'ve used the rust-colored zinc-chrome primer by Polly Scale.

    All in all, it all depends, for me, on the miniature and the effect I want from it. If it\'s a dark and foreboding miniature, then I\'ll go black. If I\'ve got a lot of dark colors mixed with bright, like a dark skin tone with white linen clothing, I\'ll go white. Sometimes, for the hell of it, I\'ll just use the zinc-chrome.

    Some people I know do both black and white. They\'ll put the black in the more shadowed areas and white everywhere else so some of the shadows and highlights are already done for them.

    It\'s all a matter of personal taste. :D

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    Black.. White... I\'m the man with the brush.
    (Slightly adapted ;))

    Whatever. Currently I prime most of my Dirz white because they are supposed to be pale and I still live wth the illusion of white being good for light colours. Minis that have a lot of metal often get a black undercoat (see Gragg Elfslayer). Same goes for my Dark Eldar because the badly pigmented GW red on black gives the look I\'m looking for (I\'m sorry. 2 quid into the bad pun jar). In the end, all of them look crappy after I paint them so why think about primer when you\'ve got so much more to mess up :P

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    I use black mostly and occasionally white for very light minis.

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    White. Not spray on. I get beter control of the amount I put on the mini.

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    Default Good Point

    Originally posted by Ebonbuddha
    White. Not spray on. I get beter control of the amount I put on the mini.
    I only use brush on primer. Besides the humidity around here almost always being too darn high, or the wind being a pain in the :moon: I find I have more control over brush-on primer.

    Plus, for some reason I really suck at spray painting. lol

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    White, mostly. I use black very rarely, usually on a mini with lots of metallic armour which I\'m feeling lazy to black-line.

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    When I was much younger and painting minis with my friend in his parent\'s basement, I used to use a darker grey primer put out by Armory. That was a long time ago! After the long hiatus from painting, I now find myself using a light grey primer put out by Humbrol, which I dilute with thinner. I too like to use a brush to do the priming.

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