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    Hello all,
    I have been having a problem with trying to shop while logged in. I can browse the shop when I am not logged in but once I log in and try to access the shop, it comes to the lovely 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' page. I have tried on my desktop, laptop, and iPad. Everything results the same as far as the shop goes, but also the iPad has a problem with 'too many redirects' and is unable to load the shop at all.
    Thank you to anyone who can help.

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    Most likely an issue with your account, I'll check it out.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Thank you. It appears now it will let me log in to look at the shop but once the shop page opens it has already signed me out. The same for when I click add to wishlist, it lets me log in then has me logged out once it loads. Thanks again.

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    Not sure if this is a related problem but it perhaps suggests something is going on with user accounts but my wishlist has disappeared (had about 100 items on) and when I click on Add to Wishlist I first get the message saying the item is added, but then if I check the wishlist through the My Account page, there is nothing on the list.

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    I'm also having a problem with my wishlist. The items that were on it seem to have gone and when I go to add them again I get e.g.

      • Hell Dorado - Gilles de Rais has been added to your wishlist. Click here to continue shopping
    My Wishlist

    You have no items in your wishlist.

    Just picked a couple of other things at random:
    appeared in the wishlist ok, but

    Once I've got at least one thing showing in the list I can click on 'Add All to Cart' and everything I've added to the wishlist previously goes into the cart, even the ones that aren't showing up on the wishlist any more.

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    I can sign on into the shop now. Just like cjo197 and Jimmy_Blue, my wishlist isn't working now. Thank you for the help everyone.

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