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    Default Miniatures Painting and Conversion Competition

    Is anyone interested in taking part in a free-to-enter Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniature conversion competition ?

    It entails converting and painting any WFB unit (whether a single model or unit of any size). The customisation will have to be significant to justify entry, ie. easily noticeable from the normal unconverted model. Also, the mini will have to be painted.

    You will have 6 weeks to complete the conversion and painting and will have to show a picture of the miniature before you start; to prove it's yours and you haven't copied a photo from the internet - not that anyone would stoop so low ;-)

    The forum members (see the 1st link in my signature) will vote for their favourite entries and you will need to be a member of the forum to post your entry photos there.

    There will probably be some form of prize.

    If there's enough interest I'll set it up this weekend.

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    I'm in.
    Can we make more than one entry?

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    Nice idea but no chance with me I'm afraid, too much going on atm

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    Hi BB, sure, why not.

    The way we did it last time was that, only one of your entries could win a prize.

    So, if you entered 3 models and there were prizes for the top 3 winners, if you came 1st, 2nd and 3rd you would only receive a prize for the miniature placed 1st, your 2nd and 3rd placed miniatures would be ignored and the 2nd and 3rd prizes would go to the 4th and 5th top rated entries.

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    BTW, the winners might get to see their miniatures gain fame in the Amazing Fantasy Miniatures Gallery - see my signature (2nd link from bottom)

    (and a lot of those miniatures really are very amazing !)

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    Sure, it'll give me more motivation to finish the big conversion I need for my adepticon army. Consider me in.

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    A general invite for entries will go out tonight (either look for the group "Warhammer Battle Reporters" in Facebook) or see the forum global announcements (1st link in my signature).

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