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Thread: New expansion?

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    Default New expansion?

    When is the first expansion coming? I've seen pics of turtle/koopa minis and new dwarves.


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    I haven't seen any dates yet. But if they are doing the reprint of the basic game, then maybe they will do the expansion as well?
    It does seem that the boxart and miniatures are all ready, and it is slated for 2012...

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    +1 for the expansion. Just throw us a bone with some details!! Also I'm willing to play test if required

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    you guys should head on over to soadpop miniatures web site

    Caverns of Roxor was announced at GAMA last week as well as 4 possibly booster boxes. check it out:

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    Picture are in Ravage mag issue 1 (English version)

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    I've tried several times to register on their page but I couldn't, so I can't see their forums.
    But it's good to know that they already are working on an expansion and other things.

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    Just wait for GenCon!

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    looks like 3-4 new expansions. check the sodapop site

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    Quote Originally Posted by crowsnes@2121 View Post
    looks like 3-4 new expansions. check the sodapop site mean 1 expansion with 2 booster packs and Vulcanis...? and there's no word of this on the actual site but within the forums and possibly their FB page. Gave me a heart attack thinking they announce more expansions!

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