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Thread: Photo booth: buy or build?

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    Default Photo booth: buy or build?

    Just mulling over the options...

    I found a desktop photo booth locally. Price is a bit high @ $140, although it seems to go for ~$100 for other retailers so I can probably bargain it down (this shop tends to overprice but is willing to price match).

    The other option is to build one. I'm not sure how much materials would cost, although lights alone are ~$15 a piece (per Home Depot prices).

    The advantage of the premade one is it has a light, collapsable frame, so could be stored easily. But building one, I'd either have to engineer something, or just build a less-collapsible wooden box. I'm also not quite sure of the best fabric to use for light diffusion.


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    Do what your budget lets you. Either way is completely okay and yields similar results. Simple wax paper, or white cotton is great for light diffusion. You can even fold it over if you need more or less light. I have 2 light boxes a folding small one with lights and a larger collapse-able one (about 2'x2') for dioramas and larger figures. I started out with a card board box some tin foil and wax paper and 2 desk lamps. More trouble, but much cheaper. It's all the same as the painting part of the hobby, practice and trail and error. Hell, it's hobby unto itself.
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    $140 is high! I picked a folding photo frame up from Maplins for £20.
    I'd link to it but Maplins website is bloody dire to search for anything.

    Found the same thing I use on Amazon .com for $18 and change.
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