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    Think I remember a thread like this a long while back, but can't find it. Search fail! What state is your PC's desktop in (or Mac for all you arty farty types) and what's your background of choice? I find this sort of thing always gives some interesting insights.

    Me, I cycle the picture with a fair bit of frequency, and I'm a stickler for having a minimal amount of stuff going on. Also, there is a second, much larger monitor to the left of this one that I usually have my actual programs open on. Gives me a totally clear, Start bar free area to work in, which is marvelous.

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    Talk about a bad hair day....
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    Nothing like logging on to your PC and seeing a woman's face burning off...........toast anyone?

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    Eh, I'd participate, but I've just kept the standard Windows 7 desktop. The grey robey thing.

    If I could, I'd post the work computer's desktop pic. Hi res photo of the Martian polar cap.
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    Only full screen, well what did you expect.
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    Here's mine, nice and clean:

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    Nothing much interesting going on, pic is one I took at a beach party last year

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    Impressed at how clutter free most of these are. Not what I expected. My painting table is the exact opposite of my pc desktop though, it has everything on it!

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    @freakinacage - good to see another fan of the Danish TV series The Killing, and Malifaux!
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    here's mine from work

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    @Iono- WOW! that pic is awesome!! lol Where did you get that one? My husband finds all kinds of cool pics for his desktop background from

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    Name:  Untitled.jpg
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Size:  218.6 KBHere's my home laptop:

    Actually, it's part of a theme, so the wallpaper switches every so often (all Batman, as I'm in a phase)

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    dumb question time:
    How do you capture your desktop?
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    use the button print screen (make sure your screen shows the desktop offcourse), than open 'paint and press ctrl-v and presto your desktop in jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by airhead View Post
    dumb question time:
    How do you capture your desktop?
    set up a trip line and then hit it with a big stick.

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