Painted Vargheist. First model in 4 years!!! I would love comments/suggestions
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Thread: Painted Vargheist. First model in 4 years!!! I would love comments/suggestions

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    Cool Painted Vargheist. First model in 4 years!!! I would love comments/suggestions

    So this is my first model since I came back into the hobby. I just saw the vampire counts and figured I'd give them a shot.

    I don't have much experience with the new paints and washes. I was VERY happy with the wings. I basicaly used Graveyard Earth to Scorched Brown to Black on the wings and then applied a coat of the Delvan Mud wash and then slightly drybrushed over it for the degraded effect.

    The body was Graveyard Earth to Khomando Khaki to Bleached Bone with no washes whatsoever.

    I would love suggestions or comments on how to improve the model. What works well? What should i do/shouldn't do!?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I think that the wings look ace! In my opinion, the body would need a bit more work, especially with making a better contrast. Now it looks a bit blend. I am sure that some washes would deepen the shadows and help you smooth your highlights.

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    Alright, thanks! Little dissapointed I got under 7 on CMON for it

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    So I tried using your suggestions and applied a wash on the body. I went over a few details afterwards and added black in certain areas to make some details stand out like the claws and the bones of the wing.

    Do you guys think it's a good improvement?! I'm aiming for 7+ on CMON!!!

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    Great work, remember to deepen the shadows and bring
    up the highlights more than you feel is right because
    the photo darkens it all down.
    Don't take much notice of the scoring, it's not always
    accurate to the mini.
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    Don't be bummed by the voting, it's very hard to get a 7+ rating, and it's not always just a matter of quality.

    I would say the body would need more contrast as said, and some color variation, especialy in shading, to help break up and liven all that grey\brown area.
    Still pretty solid.

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    Looks really good. I think that the wash and touch-up helped it. You might want to experiment some with adding a wash with a different colour to add another level of contrast. I am not too sure if you should do it on this vargheist you are working on to start out with, but maybe on another to see the result before going ahead. Maybe a wash or two of dark red could work with some highlighting in between.

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    tbh it's not the best model if you are aiming for 7+. Go for a character model or something fancier

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    I like your paint, but really dislike that mini.

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