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    Hi guys
    heres my latest mini it is for ebay I tried to make it look like a ancient thing but the blue didn,t come out as well as I would of liked let me know what you think
    thanks jason

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    heres the voting lnk if your up to it Img ID: 298062

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    The blue is a bit on the flat side, but the weathered metal works well for that antique look

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    As greenone says, blue is a bit flat but it does make the mini stand out nice, love the gold also

    nice work
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    I agree about the blue. It needs a bit more depth....but that metal really works for me!

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    thanks guys
    have to agree with you about the blue it kind of sucks but I really lost all motivation with this thing maybe if it doesn't find a new home I will do something with it maybe marble or something
    thanks jason

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    to be honest I quite like the blue. It may be a bit flat but it gives the impression of being a dull blue stone. Your amazing aged gold sets it off really well.

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