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Thread: Blood for the blood god, skulls for me!

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    A bit of random stuff done now. Trying to vary between units to keep me from getting bored. Surprisingly, Chaos Warriors isn't all that fun to paint a whole bunch of :P

    So; Here's what I've done! (pics taken with cellphone)

    Chaos Warhound

    I've green stuffed the holes for the horns and the tail as most of those are just butt ugly and I didn't want them. The colors will vary between the hounds too.

    Marauder Cheiftain w/ Great weapon

    Not much to say here. Going for diversity in the marauders' skin as well. Partly cause I think it looks kinda boring with just one color and partly to, once again, keep me from getting bored with the painting :P

    Marauder Cheiftain /w Hand weapon and shield

    Didn't manage to get a decent pic of him, unfortunately :/

    Chaos warrior Champion

    I think the shield is the crown piece of this guy, really happy with how it turned out. The green eyes was a bit of a wild shot which worked out quite nicely I'd say
    I'm thinking about giving the fur a brown wash to bring it down a bit, but I'm not sure...
    "Without music life would be a mistake. I could only believe in a god who knew how to dance."

    Just need to get a hold of a decent camera and there will be a thread. Presumably.

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    So... it seems I need to be more regular in updates here so I won't have to search through moria everytime I want to find my thread..

    Actually gotten a bit of painting done the last few days as to the point where I actually have whole row (!) of Warriors painted :P
    However, my phone is highly uncooperative in taking pictures, so I have to try to get a hold of a camera sometime soon. Or actually learn to use my phone...

    I've also modelled av couple more of the templar-guys, so will try and get some pics of those too
    "Without music life would be a mistake. I could only believe in a god who knew how to dance."

    Just need to get a hold of a decent camera and there will be a thread. Presumably.

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    Pics! Crappy, crappy cellphone pics!

    Well, mostly to show I actually did something.

    Progress on the templars so far. Got most of the work done with the standard (an old Bloodletter standard btw), just need some touch ups with GS.

    And the finished rank of warriors. Just need to re-do the standard as i wasn't satisfied with the last one.

    I also added a bit of color to offset the CK champion.
    "Without music life would be a mistake. I could only believe in a god who knew how to dance."

    Just need to get a hold of a decent camera and there will be a thread. Presumably.

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    Still going a bit slow, mostly due to school and a new computer. (oh, all the pretty, pretty games....!)

    Just a question though; about a decade ago I think, around the same time as the Chaos warband rules, there wa a campaign released for whfb. This featured walls and stuff and special rules and units for climbing these. One of these units were some sort of marauder-thingies with claws and chains attached for climbing and allowing other soldiers to follow - does anyone know the name of this campaign? I can't seem to find it.
    "Without music life would be a mistake. I could only believe in a god who knew how to dance."

    Just need to get a hold of a decent camera and there will be a thread. Presumably.

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    Ok, this is ridiculous...!

    I have actually been painting a bit. I have completed close to two ranks of warriors and almost 5 Marauders as well as most of the knights and one marauder horseman and the Khorne Champion. All this part of the battalion I bought a year ago. -.-''
    (pictures of this will be up as soon as I get a hold of a decent camera since the only thing I have right now is my cell phone.)

    Now I also went out and bought the new Chaos Lord and the Chariot and have assembled both somewhat. The chariot still haven't had the riders added to make painting easier.
    Both of these are, in most aspects, awesome sculpts with one major fault. Every head looks shitty and bad. This really surprised me with the chariot as the rest of the model is really nice. Though every head looks either bad or unproportional. The helmeted heads for the armoured guys are way to small (actually, they are smaller than the bare heads for Marauder Horsemen after comparrisions) and the bare heads looks even worse than the crappy old tin casts would do when there had been a mal-cast. This saddens me. It seems like GW has lost all sense of proportions (and, judging of the slaughterbrute, anatomy)...

    Very well, a few head swaps solved my problem and I will try to find a camera to borrow for a few days so I can perhaps get at least some sort of continuity here :P
    "Without music life would be a mistake. I could only believe in a god who knew how to dance."

    Just need to get a hold of a decent camera and there will be a thread. Presumably.

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    Ok. Since I appearantly am confused enough to forget all my account details such as mail I signed up with as well as my password, I've had to create a new account under a new, creative and completely different name. *couch*

    Anyways, I've gotten some stuff done, quite a lot actually, and pics should be coming this weekend or coming week!
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    Heh I've had days like that (yesterday, to be specific. Forgot my credit card online log in. Had to ask the missus to dig through the J-Internet to find the "I forgot my pword" page...)

    Anyhoo - good to see you're back. Get posting them pics! Hop to it!
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    Pic-post is awaiting moderation, coming soon

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    This is mostly a post to see if I can at all post images since my previous post hasn't showed up after 5 days.

    Empire Warrior priest. All emblems filed off and a lot of more chains to be added. Done weapons swaps as well.

    ... and since that appearantly worked, I'll just edit in more pics here.

    Gorebeast chariot. Just a headswap done, painting not yet complete.

    Switching to tumbnails here since it gets massive otherwise. You'll have to be energetic and click them

    Khorne Champion. Quite happy with the paintjob here. Might edit minor things.

    Marauders /w great weapon. A bunch of headswaps as well as weaponswaps done. 5 left.

    Chaos Knights with Chaos lances. Only major conversion is the champion shield. Think it came out nice.

    And marauder horsemen. No conversions at all here actually.

    All warriors done so far.

    And the chaos lord. A heapswap done due to the original being fugly. Only base colours done.
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    erhm... any mod care to tell me where my post went? And why?

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    Oh! I'm also looking for a bit of advice regarding conersions. I've been eyeballin' the manticore for a while, but I don't like the wings as they are too small to actually carry that creature.
    What do you guys think of the Balrog wings as a substitute?

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    Thoose pictures became really big... I guess that for some people smaller ones could be better.

    And regarding your new name that was not that big a change, but the new haircolours was an improvement. I really like the transition between all the colours

    In regards to your last question I can´t help you since I don´t own any of the figures.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Ye... I noticed. Will try to edit them when I have the time. But was a bit excited that it worked at all since my two previous attempts resulted in a message saying "Your post is awaiting moderation" and then nothing for close to two months...

    Hahaha! Thanks! Actually, that's a year ago. I've got a buzzcut now, but the mohawk will once again be seen on the beautiful streets of Uppsala!

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    Woop! I'm back! And not even a year has passed this time!

    I've cleaned the thread a bit (mainly removed massive posts with just... the same pics over and over) and am ready to post new, pretty pics of everything I've done since then!
    Which... is not that much actually. Well, pics this evening - stay tuned folks!

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    Woop! So, it's pic-time!

    This guys is deemed done now. I changed his cloak from a dark blue to this green instead. I'm... well, fairly happy with the outcome. Colours are a bit thick and could be better.

    Close to done. Some more work on the fur and... well, pretty much details everywhere. Too bad his chariot had a face-off with my floor and lost.

    Champion for my marauder horsemen. The cape is blatantly stolen from the regular marauders on foot and the sword is from the Chaos warrior kit.

    My current pet project. The body is an old bloodletter champion, the weapon is a chaos lance from the chaos knights with it's blade re-positioned to make a scythe. The Flail part is from the marauders. The head, which is sorta my pride on this, is from the Chaos Lord featured above. I didn't really like the way the horns where going, so I removed them and angled them in order to get a look reminding more of the bloodletters backwards-cureved horns. Still in need of a left arm for him though... if anyone has suggesting - bring it on!

    The obviously less-than-talanted driver of forementioned crashed chariot..

    Simple conversion, but I like it. Just two weapon swaps and a lot of added chains.

    Khorne Bloodcrusher champion. Two more to go.

    Next up is som W.I.Ps - in hope of getting me onwards with this.

    And, to round it off - my major current W.I.P. Not content with having one converted old DP, I have gotten to town on my second one as well. (first in the first post of the thread, for those who haven't seen it).
    Kinda second-guessing the height of the torso atm.

    Aaaaand a BONUS! Cookie to anyone who can guess what it's gonna be!

    That's all folk

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    Mainly on the DPs axe, as that's what I've been doing. I've made the torso shorter to make him a bit better proportioned, but no pics of that. Anyways, on to the axe.

    So, the skulls in mid is two standards from the Marauders pack and the ... things, that extend on the blade is as well. The back part is a horn from a juggernaught. I made the blade itself from plastic by sacrificing an old ice cream package... The last pic is just a size comparision.

    C&C welcome!

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    seems that micro-updates keeps me going somewhat, so I'll keep doing them!

    I finally managed to split the left arm and have started to re-build the joint in order to straighten it out. So far only minor bulking and fitting done. Also a... kinda decent size comparision for the torso.

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    No further painting done yet, but some major progress on the DP. I have built an arm for the left hand, using the old arm as a base, though it's hardly visible now. I have attached the right arm and started to sculpt the muscles joining the arms with the body as well as doing some adds on his back. And I've rebuilt his left leg as well and added an armor plate to it. This is still a WIP.

    I also considerably slimmed down the blade of the axe in order to give a more wieldable one-hand look.

    C&C welcome! Over and out!

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    Hey guys!

    So, been a long time and I haven't really done much. Got at it again a few weeks back though when I bought the new Khorne Skullreapers. I also fell for temptation and bought the AoS set as well as a mini I've coveted for a long time.
    I also learned a few things recently:
    1. AoS really seems to dumb down the rules and remove a lot of customisation (doesn't really matter anyway since I just paint and never play...)
    2. I greatly overestimated how large the new bloodthirster was. Ordered a head for a conversion for my coveted mini and had to make more changes than I thought.

    Anyways, some pics of my conversion progress so far:

    Seems photobucket removed the quick-link for thumbnails. What to do?

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    More picses!

    Made a little progress on the Skullreapers (well, one of them at least) as well.

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