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Thread: Blood for the blood god, skulls for me!

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    A bit of new stuff going on

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    So, a bit more updates!

    I've done quite a bit of GS-ing on the Khorgorath to make the Bloodthirster-face fit somewhat properly and I think I'm starting to feel pretty good about it. It still needs some work and I need to clean it up a bit, but overall I like the direction it's heading in. I'm also contemplating the idea of magnetizing my models as I don't really like the whole setup of AoS and would like to use the figs from the starter set in WHFB while also being able to test out AoS, even if I'm sceptical. What's the best/easiest way to do magnetizing? And is it, cost-wise, worth the effort?

    Anyway, pics!

    I've also made some progress on the head/horns of the chimera and started some cleanup of the gs to make smooth transitions. However, getting a good photo was harder than I thought so no pics today :/

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    Deeming this guy done now. Well, mostly. The tongue was a spontaneous addition today and I'm not quite sure of it.
    Should I keep it? If so, there will be a new one made for it, this is only a quick mock up. What do you guys think?

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    The tongue went away. Didn't really feel it to be... fitting I assume. Have started painting it and am going on feeling close to finished with the skin as well as the chest scar/symbol. Might be a final highlight of the skin and ofc I will put some colour on the scars from the whip as well.

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    That big demon thing is coming along and while I know I'm to late, I thought the tongue looked cool.

    I'd suggest maybe thining your paints down a bit and work on your blending, I'd also definitely go for a highlight to help it pop a little more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthmarsh View Post
    That big demon thing is coming along and while I know I'm to late, I thought the tongue looked cool.

    I'd suggest maybe thining your paints down a bit and work on your blending, I'd also definitely go for a highlight to help it pop a little more
    Additional highlights it is, then!
    Of course, The flesh and the symbol is pretty much the only things even closing on finish. Need at least a good 2 or 3 rounds on the skulls and bones (4 for the ones that are still brown) and ... welll, everything else.
    The whole paint thing seems to be a constant battle, can never find a good consistency that I like working with. Can't seem to find that milky balance...
    And the tongue is still very much existing, laying a single lonely piece on my desk. Might paint it up and see how it fits later on. But gotta fix it a bit, smooth it out and such, first

    Thanks for comments

    Also, I will post a concept drawing a bit later for an idea I have for a non-chaos (heresy, I know) figure.

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    Bit of break with a lot of things going on, mainly my masters thesis that's due for a presentation on wednesday. So, no painting updates as of now.
    BUT! I got the promised concept sketch.

    The idea is cult/order that worships Nagash in the belief of him being a phoenix (die, resurrect, repeat). They don't actually know that it is Nagash, but are worshipping a black phoenix.
    My initial intention was to convert one of the sigmarines by using a pretty standard chaos warrior head along with the helmet-wings from a DA upgrade-sprue and a homemade cloak. The shield emblem should be easy enough.
    Not sure I will ever get around to it however :P

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    So. The khorgorath is really closing in on its final stages now.

    Most is done at this point. need to finish his armour plates and the belt/straps as well as the leather below the plate and some final toughups, but generally I feel kinda good with him (it?).

    General head swap just to try it out. Not sure if I think it works yet.

    Also this guy. I'm not sure whether or not i wanna keep the standard or what I want to replace it with. I kinda like BAMs idea of replacing with a knife, but don't wanna snag that straight of. The idea of a shiedl felt good, but the pose just makes it kinda wierd. I think it would work in a sort of diorama where he bashes someones weapon out of the way though..

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    Slow and steady wins the race? I dunno.. I stick to my generally random schedule of posting, but hoping if will get less random soon when I get a new hobby station setup. Currently in the process of moving south to move in with my fiance. This moving stuff with boxes? It sucks.

    Well, pics abound!
    I bought some shades a few weeks back as well as some new colours to serve as spot colours. I first tried out Emperors Children and experimented with Agrax eartshade and Reikland fleshshade.

    Ohmy. This really highlights every flaw. Need to go back a bit. Painting is straigthforward with just a single layer, some shading and then real heavy edge highlights.

    He does look better with a bit of a distance and I belive that in a full group, the effect wil be quite nice. Even if I have to do some cleanup.

    Next though!
    I did a slight betrayal of the blood good and went and bought the Putrid Blightkings as they are just an awesome kit. Here I used pretty much the same style of painting as on the Khorne guy, but with Anthonian earthshade as well and I really like how he turned out. Even if I ahve to do some cleanup here as well.

    that's it for now as those were the shots my phone gave me that was good enough

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    Back at it again!

    I set about converting the Lord-Relictor from the Age of Sigmar starter set. The goal was a Chaos Sorcerer who's using the bones of demonhosts to amplify his powers. One daemonhost is bound into the armor itself, while the other is carried around in his standard.
    Mostly, the conversion was removing Sigmarite icons and adding minor chaos bits and bobs. The things I'm most pleased with is the chaos icon behind the head (still needs some tweaking for the head to fit though...) and the scepter.

    C&C welcome and appreciated.

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    A bit of tinkering and some more painting today!

    Continued on the converted Lord-Relictor and also changed a bit of what I was going for in terms of background. The more I though about it the more it shifted from bones of daemonhosts to those of old counselors and the character himself (Leon the Unpredictable, previously Leonard the Stoic) changed along with those lines.

    "A formidable Empire general with a great interest in magic, even though he had little aptitude for it himself, Leonard the Stoics fascination for magic had caused him to form his council almost solely of mages. Among these were one Amethyst wizard of great prowess, though of great age. His back crooked, he used and elaborate scepter-like cane for support. When he died, the cane came into use as trinket of sorts for Leonard and many of the servants also reported that the general paid frequent visits to the old wizards tombs.
    Leonard had been fighting of the chaotic hordes for many years using his own strategic mind and the magic of his council. However, many noticed changes in his behaviour when he started carrying the cane with him. His strategies became more offensive and he was more willing to sacrifice his troops. Were once he spared women and children of tribes, he now ordered punishments. It started with the symbolic hanging of lone perpetrators, but gradually got worse. He mounted heads on pikes, sometimes those of marauders and sometimes of seemingly random civilians, to instill order through fear. After having defeated a tribe of nomads that had conducted thefts on nearby villages, he ordered every village who had harboured even a single one of the nomads to be burnt to the ground. The council urged him to withdraw the order, and one wizard in particular, a talanted you Amber wizard fond of his runes and writings, was extra outspoken. Leonard ignored them and forced his reluctant soldiers to carry out the order. The Amber wizard was later called for an audience with the warlord in which he was removed from the council and sent in exile. Though noone ever saw him leave. A few days later, the general ordered a raid on five nearby villages he suspected were doing business with nomads and marauders, he wanted them all burned down. The lower ranking officers refused the order and that same night a coup was staged. The beseiged the castle and forced themselves into the generals chambers, only to find them empty. A search of the castle also revealed that the Amethyst wizards' tomb was empty.

    Reports of Leonard later came from a battlefield were he fought frenzied, without care for who he slew. His once white armour had been tarnished and was now adorned with bones, rotting heads and trinkets and around him swirled long papers of scripture, glowing in red, green pink. In one hand he wielded a small scepter from which different forms of magic spread. It was fireballs, lightning, clouds of mist that boild his adversaries, blinding beams of light and pitch black orbs of darkness in no particular order, as if it was completely random. With his other hand he swung a large standard consisting of a skeleton molded into a sloid piece of steel - too large for any man to wield single handedly. But nevertheless he swung it like it was a mere sword and each enemy hit died in a different spectacular head. Their head severed through sheer force, their bodies erupting in warts and bubbles of bile, spontaneous combustion or simply an instant explosion of blood and gore. The massacre was inevitable and both sides of the battle retreated, neither showing any alliegiance with the frenzied man and neither side being spared from his fury."

    So, there it goes. I imagine him going rampant on the battlefield and just wielding his magical artifacts in a frenzy, without any control of what magic happens. He only gives it direction and a destructive purpose. I added more skulls, cause chaos, and spikes and hightened the chaos star behind his head as the lower position didn't actually allow a head to fit. He also got a shoulder plate from the Putrid Blightkings-set and I think it was that piece that finally got me thinking of him as a warlord rather than a sorcerer.

    So, pics!

    I also went about some painting, though on a completely different figure. The Khorne Hound from the AoS-set. The body is done with a base of Rakarth Flseh and then a shitload of layers of Carrosburg Crimson and Druchi violet for the stomach (though that doesn't show well on the pics). The head had a base of Ushabiti bone, a wash of Agrax earthshade and was then highlighted first with Ushabiti bone and then Ceramite white. The mane was a base of Ceramite white with washes of Carrusburg Crimson and Casandora Yellow. I need to do some cleaning up, but I like the direction. Though I think it needs highlights to make it pop and I'm currently debating how to go about that (i.e. what colours to use). So, any suggestions are welcome.

    C&C is appreciated and welcome

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    I might suggest bringing the red-brown color from the body up into the spines of its crest. The webbing looks cool, but right now it sort of looks like it's on fire.

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    Brought the red up a bit. Also did a failed attempt at highlightinh using Emperors children and tried to fix that with a load of new washes.

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    Really liking the Khorne Hound. Put some of the peak highlights on after the shading you did and he will really sparkle.

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    I really like your conversion of khorgorath - having painted him myself, I thought the head was definitely the weakest part of his design.

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    Some bases mainly, a few with some paint on 'em. So far quite happy, but I really need a good recipe for water. Preferably clear and something that can be mixed with colours/washes.

    AND my first ever finished (as in even based) mini. Ever.

    As a bonus, a little work done on a renegade/some inq. warband dude/random whatever

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    Moar updates!
    (and a sh*t-ton of pics as well)

    Starting off with my newly finished nr 2 of the Blightkings.
    Going for a different but coherent look on these guys. Don't want to be exactly the same, but still look like one unit.

    And their next buddy

    Next up is my DP conversion based on the old metal 40k figure. Going for a bit of an unsual look for this guys, as far as DPs go. Putting him in a classical "overlooking the battlefield"-pose. Done a bit of work on the upper body, and started "filling out" his boots to get rid of the angle on the sole.

    And, when my birthday passed a few weeks ago I bought myself a small gift. And the I butchered said gift to fit. So, here's his arm(amaments)

    And ofc, the size comparision

    C&C is as always very welcome

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    That's looking like a nice conversion, curious to see how that huge of an axe will work out with the rest of the model, but then again, it being a deamon lends it to get away with some crazy stuff

    I also kinda like the hugeness of the axe compared to the pretty small head, it's nicely random as deamons should be imo!


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCorax View Post
    That's looking like a nice conversion, curious to see how that huge of an axe will work out with the rest of the model, but then again, it being a deamon lends it to get away with some crazy stuff

    I also kinda like the hugeness of the axe compared to the pretty small head, it's nicely random as deamons should be imo!


    Ye, regarding the head I'm still looking for one of those as I don't have any for this. Bought him converted with the head of a chaos hound and I want something a bit more... resignated. Thinking about a dragon ogre head.

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    First, a few leg shots

    And also started bulking out the pelvis of him, using yet another shield

    And some more muscles top and spikes. Everyone needs spikes.

    Still a loooong way to go, but I like to think I'm slowly getting there.

    C&C is, as always, very welcome

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