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    Well, the good folks at Ohiohammer have put up Episode 14 today. It contains an interview they conducted with me a few weeks ago. We covered a variety of subjects, mostly painting related. It got a little wild towards the end, since I was very sleep deprived at the time :-)

    It is certainly unusual to hear one's own voice coming from the computer speakers, that's for sure.

    Here's a link to that:

    As usual, I have a few new articles on the blog. More Lizardman items, including terradon conversions and a cockatrice. That is here :

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    Good to hear your voice!

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    Thanks :-) We are supposed to be doing more of those as Adepticon approaches. I have been furiously working on both Tomb Kings and Dark Eldar armies for the tournaments. That's in addition to all the usual stuff!

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    Sounds like you are gonna be a busy boy! Glad to hear you are still painting stuff

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    I will have a listen to this tomorrow while I am painting. Sounds interesting.

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    A good chunk of what is in the interview covers my approach to building armies. We discuss painting quality over mass amounts of minis, army boards, conversions, "wow" factor, etc. There is a lot of looking back at my past experiences in tournaments and other painting contests involving entire armies, such as Armies on Parade.

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    I'll have a listen later, I am a big fan of your painting and I wouldn't mind watching a video of you at work if you ever have the inclination to do some...


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    At some point I want to get a video camera to make painting videos. I have the graphics capable computer now. I think my first videos would focus more on basing and terrain. I would love to make some DVD's!

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    Vids would be cool...

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    I really should try and make it to Adepticon, sounds like all the cool folks will be there.

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    This will be a very interesting year for me at Adepticon. I am supposed to be doing tournaments on all three days. Ouch. I have started painting the Tomb Kings, althought I have a lot of scratch sculpting to do. The Dark Eldar are still being built, and the Chaos Dwarves are only in boxes. Ouch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    I really should try and make it to Adepticon, sounds like all the cool folks will be there.
    nah, i'm still gonna be over here...

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    It was our first Adepticon in 2007 which really opened our eyes to a very different world of miniature painting. We had painted little or no GW minis outside of blood bowl figures prior to that. We were there to teach hobby seminars.

    It was walking around the tournament rooms in between rounds that got me. There were hundreds of armies painted so well, with amazing army boards and themes, it made both of us want to create armies for ourselves. It was very inspiring, like walking around through an art gallery.

    Once we had our own armies, we began to paint them for other folks. Now, the vast majority of what we paint is commission armies... as in multiple Apocalypse sized monstrosities, such as the Blood Angels army i am finishing in 6 days time. :-)

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