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Thread: only one chance ! :(

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    Default only one chance ! :(

    I just brought the Kingdom Death model "flower knight"
    but i only have one shot at painting this because it was limited edition.

    im not the greatest painter so i want to nail this one and get it perfect
    do i go for traditional miniature paint scheme or try a more cartoon flat colours style ?
    have a look at my gallery and help me decide what would be the best approach.

    thanks !

    here is the model
    Name:  Kingdom-Death-Flower-Knight.jpg
Views: 750
Size:  72.6 KB

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    I think it could look good done either way if done well (just as it could look pants done either way, if done poorly).

    Personally I'd prefer it in a style that's more realistic than cartoony, but I'd generally prefer than anyway except where the sculpt is very cartoon-like to begin with.


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    Everytime I see this figure, all I can see are soft pastel colours. From your gallery I'd say aim for as realistic as possible, but really, really take your time and enjoy it good luck

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    You can always strip it if you don't like it

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    Am I the only one who thinks this mini is wearing Dame Edna's glasses?

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    HAHA trrrue !
    but i would buy a dame edna model anyway

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