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    I would love to hear your thoughts on this guy. What's good, Bad or Ugly? But most of all where can I improve?

    Your vote would be appreciated too.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Looking good, love the play on colors.
    Most part could do with more highlights, for intance the arms, leather parts and beard.
    If it's supposed to be heated metal tools, sure looks that way, you could layer it up to pure white.

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    Great work, as Greenone says bring up the highlights. I've learned that the edge highlights look ok to the eye but when you photo them they look dull or disappear.
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    Pics are a bit rubbish, could do with a plain background too.. Tbh I quite like the leather and beard as they are, maybe a little more highlights on the shoes though

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    Thanks for the constructive criticism guys,

    Damn those folds in the back of my photo tent background. Sorry about the crappy pics. I'll try and update them.

    @10ball he does look better in the hand the camera has killed some of the lights a bit.

    However I will keep pushing myself to take the highlights further on everything.

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