It's been a while since I painted anything for a contest and WAMP's Reaper contest is a good place to start, since I've got a lot of pieces from them.

First up is a conversion piece that I'm doing for a friend in my gaming group. I added the wings and the shield. I also had to cut off, reposition, and resculpt part of the left arm so the shield would be at the correct angle and have it closer to his body.

I'll be doing TMM for the armor and weapons. The sword and shield will both be TMM gold and he's still deciding about the wings- not sure if they're going to be iconic angel white or if we're going to give him some plumage like a bird of prey (I'm thinking maybe peregrine falcon)

This next one is only primed at this point. A friend gave him to me for my birthday a couple years ago. It's about time I paint him!

Here's a project that's almost done, but I've still got some work to do. I'm not completely happy with the fur and skin. I think it may just need some final highlights, but I'm not sure.