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Thread: Something fat and ugly this way comes

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    Default Something fat and ugly this way comes

    Hi all

    started this Nurgle Giant for this years golden demon, not sure if I will enter him in the UK one or the German one yet

    I have named him Tvågånger The Corpulent, Giant of Nurgle sort of a play on the Swedish for Twice or Twofold and so far I am loving this little project.

    Also made some maggots for use on him later


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    Good lord! that looks nice!

    And a lively little bunch o' maggots there too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meph View Post
    Good lord! that looks nice!

    And a lively little bunch o' maggots there too.
    Thanks pal, few more minor bits of disease to him and I should be good to start painting I reckon.

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    Really nice looking giant and right in line for Nurgle. Very original! Good work!

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    cool one!, that gs work owns
    as for GD, id enter this guy in germany as they (judges) seems to dig heavily modified minis more there than them in uk, which according to sources prefer "out of the box" ...
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    still no in line...

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    really nice work !

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