Hello all!

A friend recommended this site to me and I have been overwhelmed with the standard of the majority of the mini\'s featured here, so well done to you all.

The reason I am posting is to ask for help, having taken a 9 year break from WFB I have now got the bug again and have started to collect and paint a small Chaos army of Slaanesh. However I have found a stumbling block on the first miniature I have started to paint. It\'s an old Minotaur, which is quite small compared to the beasts GW produce these days. So having made a paint job I am happy with on most of the mini as an albino Minotaur I am faced with the last thing to do, his horns...

Having read everything I can about painting horns and trying a variety of methods it is safe to say I am hopelessly stuck.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,