Portal 19 is here and it's probably our best ever issue!

  • We launch a brand contest - Portal has first details
  • Our brand new feature 'In The Frame' showcases the talents of Marike Reimer
  • Brilliant tutorial on sculpting a large scale Space Marine
  • Morland Studios and Darksword Miniatures reviews
  • Great NMM Tutorial
  • Scott Radom gets his very own column and explains why 'Enjoy' has hidden meaning!
  • We interview Privateer Press in the Hotseat
  • We get inside Wag's brain and find out why painting doesn't have to be about perfection
  • Tim Fitch tells us about 1985,Citadel and subliminal messages in White Dwarf!
  • Latest from the Wamp gallery
  • Latest News, releases, and much more......

Totally free to download for everyone