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    I've just finished the 3rd of my misfits - Madge the Gun. These HF minis are such a joy to paint and have fun

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    Chip back left foot! Ack. Could do with maybe a little more shading between areas like around the face etc. Otherwise lovely

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    Love those ruddy cheeks.

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    Metallics on the gun seem a bit thick and lack definition; love what you did with the fabrics tho

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    Thanks for your feedback guys. I didn't spot that chip at the time I took the photos, I'll repair and reshoot the pic this morning.

    Freakinacage, could to explain slightly more what or where you mean, just so I understand and not go off half cocked along the wrong route?


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    Great little mini mate, love the tweed coat
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    I'd be tempted to work to a darker shade at the very top bit of the shirt, just before it meets the top, you've done it on the back but not quite so much on the front, same with the end of the skirt, the legs and hands. Just to separate the areas a little more. Also, darker between the fingers (not much, just a bit) and a bit more in the eye sockets. These are just niggles cos it's a lovely pj (again!)

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    Cheers 10ball. Thanks Freakinacage cage, it's good to have that little extra info. Much appreciated.

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    I've touched up the foot and before thinking about doing something about your feedback thought it fun to show a picture of them as a unit.

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